Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stranger Than Sci-fi: The Day the Utah Legislature Stood Still

A "significant wrench thrown into the middle of an otherwise very productive session"

We learn this morning from the Standard-Examiner and the Salt Lake Tribune about more blowback resulting from state Senator Bigmouth's most recent bad behavior. GOP legislators shut down all legislative business for "over two hours" yesterday, to conduct a behind-closed-doors Chris Buttars bitch session. From this morning's SLTrib story:

The fallout from the anti-gay comments of Sen. Chris Buttars continues as Senate Republicans met behind closed doors for more than two hours Monday to air their concerns and views about the remarks.
"Just about everyone in the caucus expressed his or her feelings relating to the issue and I think it was a venting process," said Sen. Peter Knudson.
Buttars has been under fire for a week, after he told a documentary filmmaker that gays pose the greatest internal threat to the country, lack morals, are demanding special rights and engage in disgusting sexual practices.
Senate leaders had hoped to put the issue behind them last week, after Senate President Michael Waddoups, R-Taylorsville, stripped Buttars of his chairmanship and membership on two committees -- the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Judicial Confirmation Committee.
"We all very much consider this a significant wrench thrown into the middle of an otherwise very productive session," said Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Killpack, R-Syracuse. [Emphasis added].
Senator Buttars, a "gift" from the morons of West Jordan to the people of Utah... the gift that keeps on giving.


my oh my said...

Well my oh my. Take a look at the members of the Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee who just voted to pass with a favorable recommendation HB 122.
Our very own Godfrey lackey

RudiZink said...

Thanks for the heads-up my oo my. And here's something interesting: Godfrey's cousin was absent.

I suppose that merely means that Jenkins already knew the bill had the necessary votes.

Bill C. said...

Rudi, can't help but wonder if all three absentees weren't simply avoiding the issue on purpose. As for greiner, I hope folks in these parts have seen enough and remember when his term comes up.
Does that Hatch Act fine keep accumulating every year?

ET said...

This same SLC TRIB article ends:
"Waddoups said Democrats' views would be considered, but noted they make up just eight of the Senate's 29 members." AND one, but only 1, of those 8 senators is GAY.

Time to vote more Democarts into the Utah Senate. The republican a........holes, like Buttars and Waddroups, are merely predictable BSers anyway. Hypocritical liars.

ET said...

I think you folks are missing out, if you are not reading the SLC TRIB comment thrreads on ALL the Buttars's articles.

SLC TRIB threads are now attracting folks blogging in from across the US. Buttars is now being asked to resign on a national FACEBOOK petition.

Bill C told me, the newcomer, OFF line that Ogden used to be more Democratic than the SLC area. But that now it has changed. As a regular SLC TRIB poster / reader, I would agree with that.

Here is a good SLC TRIB post from this BUTTARS article in SLC TRIB today:

Alfie: 2/23/2009:

"The churchislature is vile, repulsive and an embarrassment to good and decent people of Utah.

It is great that Buttars and his repulsive Mormon pals are getting national attention at this time. On March 5, California's Supreme Court will be hearing why antigay Prop 8 should be overturned, and this recent hate-mongering from LDS members will be a big reminder of their role in passing this disgusting initiative, which took away an existing right from a group of people.

Putting minority rights up to a ballot initiative that can pass by simple majority is un-American. It barely passed, but did so thanks to the huge financial contributions by the LDS Church and its members, who make up only 2% of California's population, but supplied 77% of the initiatives funding."

I would add that it is likely that voting age active Mormons in CA total only about .5% of the CA population...........or less.

monotreme said...

I guess that means I'll never get the crime stats I requested by GRAMA from Sen/Chief Greiner.

Proud Utah said...

I agree that everyone is entitled to his personal opinion, but he is influential in the Utah laws that effect everyone in the state gay, straight and minority. His bragginging that he has stopped every civil right laws concerning gays that have come before his committee shows the power he wields.

His comments and those of Waddoups that the Republician legislature agrees with most of his opinions should send a chill to every civil libertarian.

You can't yell fire in a theatre, nor should you call immoral anyone who dis agrees with your point of view.

His comments have been heard across the country and makes every Utahn look bad. How many folks have changed their travel plans to visit Utah? How many Fortune 500 companies that offer benefits for not married or gay couples will bring their conventions to Utah? Just another way to shoot yourself in the foot, and lost revenue causes all of our taxes to rise.

George K. said...

I read an interesting letter to the editor in this morning's SE that defended Buttars's constitutional right to state his opinion.

I would like to add that contitutional rights are extended to all citizens of the United States.

Curmudgeon said...

From the story: "No a single bill was debated on the Senate floor Monday morning as a result of the meeting, adding to a backlog of bills that many never become law simply because lawmakers may run out of time to approve them before their 45 day session ends."

Lovely. If the Republican Senate Caucus wants to have a private therapy session where they can let it all hang out, achieve catharsis and hug each other at the end, I suggest they do it next time on their own damn time. Not the public's.

Curmudgeon said...


There are a lot of similar letters / comments appearing now. It's a little disconcerting since Sen. Buttars' free speech rights were in no way compromised or denied. He said what he wanted to say. No one stopped him. He said it on camera. His words have been, are being, and will continue to be reported across the land. Why so many people think his free speech rights have been denied escapes me.

They sometimes point to his being removed as committee chair by the Republican Senate Caucus. But he has no right to hold that chairmanship. [He does have a right to his seat in the Senate, that right having been given him by the voters in his district. He still holds that seat, as he should. His holding it is not in danger until the next election.]

But the committee chairmanship is his only because the Senate Leadership right to it should the Republican Senate leadership conclude that it is no longer in the best interests of the state, the senate and the Utah Republican party that he hold it. So they removed him. Which they had a perfect right to do, and which removal in no way limited or violated Buttars' first amendment rights.

George K. said...

It is too bad that someone in such an inluential position as Chair of the Judiciary Committee was allowed to hold that popsition and use his influence to affect legislation, which he did. He should have been removed much sooner until he embarrassed most Utah residents with his intolerable bigotry. I hope his constituents remove him from his seat when his term is up, but I won't hold my breath especially after Godfrey was retained as mayor of Ogden.

Lewis Black on Gays said...

Listen to Lewis Black talk about the threat of gays on the american family.
you can find it here

It's a little bit long but it makes one think how rediculous politicians like Buttars is.

Bill C. said...

Curm, I can't believe you let the fact that even after the letter of retribution sent by Buttars to the judge in Utah County, the current leadership placed him in this capacity anyway, this guy never should have been even on the committee, let alone chairing it.
That should say about everything anyone needs to know about the GOP leadership in this state.

Curmudgeon said...


Posted on that when it happened, some time ago, Bill. I did not let it pass. Pointed out at the time that Waddoups, who put Buttars back as committee chair, was, Republicans told us, the reform candidate for Republican senate leader.

What a match said...

I have said for years that when the republicans go in to close door caucus that they do do it on their own time. By the way has anyone talked to Hansen about running against Greiner for the senate. I believe that would be a good match up of the ticket quota verses no quota.
Ha ha ha ha ha

Bill C. said...

Curm, this Utah, you've got to repeat it, over and over again. With any luck someone might hear you.

RudiZink said...

Two reader comments moved to new article

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