Tuesday, February 03, 2009

SL Trib: Waddoups Wants Scanners, Databases in Restaurants

The 2009 legislative loonybird competition kicks into high gear

There's more gut-busting wingnut wackiness from GOP leadership on Capitol Hill, as reported in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune:
Waddoups wants scanners, database in restaurants
Reading between the lines, it would appear that Waddoups (R-Loony Bin) may be attempting to upstage his GOP rival and former senate President John Valentine (R-Funny Farm), whom Waddoups replaced in that top senate majority leadership post this year. Although it was Valentine who originally came came up with the "Orwellian" scanner/central database concept, (which we've been discussing on WCF for the past week), Waddoups has now one-upped his senate peer, and hit the idea right outta the ballpark. If the competition between these two GOP fruit-loops continues at the present pace, there's no telling how far out in La-La Land this year's legislative session may wind up.

We will make one confident prediction, however. The way things are going within the crackpot GOP leadership on Capitol Hill... 2009 ought to be a real banner year for Democratic Party recruitment.


Bill C. said...

What started under the guise of controlling underage drinking has finally revealed itself. These idiots are really desirous of tracking every drop of an alcohol containing beverage possible. Bars, restaurants and eventually stores. It has nothing to do with controlling and monitoing age, Joseph Stallin would be proud of the Utah GOP leadership.

Curmudgeon said...

I'd just note that this Puritan loon is the man the Utah Republican Caucus chose as the moderate reform candidate to lead the senate.

And the beat goes on....

[Weber County Republicans who have had enough: the Weber County Democratic Party is accepting new members. No line. No waiting.]

Wm M said...

"Mother, should I trust the government?"

curious 1 said...

A blogger on the Trib questioned which scanner company in Happy Valley is related to the republicians, so they can gain more donations for thier campaigns. The Trib or even the Standard might do some investigating.

I'll be drinking at home and ordering water or coffee with my meals if this passed.

Curmudgeon said...


We can only hope, I guess, that Governor "Signin' John" Huntsman will discover, at long last, enough backbone to veto this latest Orwellian proposal from the Wingnut Republican Caucus should it reach his desk.

disgusted said...

Doesn't the State of Utah make money on our state-owned liquor stores?

Two-faced Mormon hyprocrites.

Curmudgeon said...

Waiting out office hours with no customers this afternoon, I began wondering if this is the end of Waddups' "reforms." Or can we soon expect the "Waddups Prevert Control Act" which will require a driver's licence card swipe for all Utahns entering movie theater complexes with "R" rated movies playing [I mean, once they're past the ticket taker, can we really be sure which film they're going to see?]. Surely it would be helpful for police to know if someone was accused of being a peeping tom or flasher that he liked to attend theaters where R rated films were playing.

Or maybe we can expect the "Waddups Treason Control Act" which will mandate a driver's license card swipe required of every Utah college student registering for a class taught by a Democrat, in case the student subsequently is charged with sedition or treason. Surely juries will want to know the kind of professors he or she sought out in college before rendering a verdict.

Why, the Orwellian possibilities are endless....

Anonymous said...

Alcohol is a recreational drug; all recreational drugs should be illegal.
This is perhaps a correct step in this direction.

He is just putting forth those ideas that occur to him as a man of faith, and a sober member of his faith.
Many in Utah agree wholeheartedly.

We personally have no problem with the state controlling recreational drugs.
Perhaps a stricter drug policy will encourage those who want to be messed-up druggies into another, more liberal state.

One can only hope.

dan s. said...

In addition to Curmudgeon's excellent ideas, I would suggest a driver's license swipe every time a restaurant patron eats a large meal--especially if the meal includes dessert. For we all know that over-eating makes you drowsy and more likely to fall asleep while driving. Also, over-eating is unhealthy and the government has a right to know which citizens are putting a burden on our health insurance system.

Alternatively, as Stephen M. suggests, we could simply outlaw all recreational eating.

Salt said...

"[A}ll recreational drugs should be illegal."

Please support this ridiculous unsupported proposition with logical argument, Stephen.

It certainly doesn't stand rationally on its own.

Thanks in advance.

Monotreme said...

Stephen M:

Define "recreational drug". Then we can start this discussion. Thank you.

dorthy is nuts said...

An illegal imigrant is a child of God, a human, a brother, a sister.

Wake up lady. Get a life and do unto others as you would have them do to you.

republican said...

I think anybody who goes to rated R moveies, drinks alcohol, smokes tobacco, or lusts after a female should be in jail.

But if you exchange money in the temple and take money from the poor and give it to the nobles such as the Miller's and the Huntsman's and the Eccles's then you'll go to heaven.

anti gay-gay republican said...

Howell and Schwebke are not gay and never have been gay.

Toto said...

It's okay to cruise airport crappers, and click your heels like in the wizaed of oz and still be a republican.

what will it cost us said...

So will every waitress have a scanner attached to their belt for every drink ordered and consumned. The rational that someone would drink at their table, then run to the bar for another is as ridiculus as the teen reaching for a cocktail at Chilis and running out the door.

The recreational drugs are all in Prove, Prozac valley.

Bill C. said...

Speaking of recreational drugs, no one mentioned the most deadly and prefered in these parts, in fact our city is continually pushhing to make it the official drug of choice, ADRENALINE. Fell the rush, catch the buzzz, the high adventure capitol of the universe. Indoor and artificial of course. We accept visa, mastercard and american express.

Bill C. said...

I guess I won't be getting that high paying marketing job at the Jackass Center. Damn, I blew the slogan. It was supposed to read: Feeeel the rush, catch the buzzzzz, the high adventure capitol of the universe. We accept visa, mastercard and american express.

Machster said...

The "Nanny State", patterned after heavily Democratic New York?

Could it be that Utah's intellectual incest has caught up with Utah?

Could it be that the BYU "future leaders" training institute and the theoracy controlled by those who think "desirous" is actually a word, has caught up with itself?

Could it be that Senator Michael Waddoups (R) Dist. 6, Salt Lake County (Taylorsville); Profession: Certified Property Manager - Education: B.S. BYU, Associate Degree Rick's College, Graduate Institute of Real Estate Management, CPM. Background; Scouting commissioner, Apartment Association of Utah (board member), Institude of Real Estate Management - CPM, Realtor.
Standing Committees: Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment , Revenue & Taxation.

Could it be that Waddoups is just another Realtor Association plant to insure they maintain control of the State?

Could it be that we are idiot enough to continue to allow this racketeering to continue begun by Al Mansell, past Senate President who took a leave of absence to serve as the National Realtor Association President?

Could it be that what Mansell did for Utah, he did for the Nationals and is at the heart of overly assessed and strangle holds on State Real Estate laws, so much so that the Feds. have begun investigations and prosecutions of racketeering against the "Mansell influenced National Realtor Association?

Could this Utahan be responsible for the National housing bubble burst and consequential economic catastrophie which has spread world wide?

Could it be that I am full of crap and no one believes there is such a conspiratorial situation at virtually every level of government as the CEO/CFO of the URA brags about openly in Governing Magazine?

I report, you decide...

Blogden said...

I believe this data base should be expanded to include the State Liquor Stores (SLS). Oh wait, that's right the SLS already tracks your personal purchases by recording your credit card and check purchase information. That information is shared with the medical and insurance company databases who then use that info to limit your medical processes and increase your insurance rates as well. It may even be shared with the Christian Science church to make sure you are complying with religious requirements. Or, am I making it all up? Is it possible? Yes, it is. Let's expand that database concept so it can be really useful. To those in charge, of course.

the lovely jennifer said...

My kingdom for a screaming room right now!!

Someone please tell me the location of the nearest screaming room. My home is old and didn't come with one.

What am I to do?


get real said...

dorthy is nuts contributor,

being a child of God has nothing to do with being in a country illegally. All children of God are expected to obey the law of the land.

Truth Seeker said...

And, may I add: the Golden Rule,e.g. do unto others.... is nowhere written in the Bible. And thus an inferance to it as religious orthodoxy is simply a myth.

It was an "Oh my gosh" moment when I learned that little fact from a Biblical scholar recently.

Anonymous said...

Your irresponsible recreational drug use affects us.

A public safety issue: because your judgment is impaired.
A fiscal issue: because your hospital stay, and hospice care, is a burden on society as a whole.
An aesthetic issue: as recreational drug users degrade the vistas of the non-trashy..

We look for a day when overweight individuals will be taxed per pound, marijuana smokers will be imprisoned, and people who drink will be ran out of town.

Biblical Scholar said...

Here, Truth Seeker, here's another biblical epiphany, of the mystical "Oh my gosh moment, as you phrase it Here's the scriptural authority:

"Whatsoever ye would that men do unto you, do you even so unto them" (Matthew 7:12)

Here's more, Truth Seeker:

Parallel Translations

(Same concept phrased with slightly different translation nuances), but still internally consistent.

truth seeker said...

Biblical Scholar,

Oh my! Thanks for the clarification. I read the entire translations and interpretations, thanks to you.

And although "technically" a mention of "the Golden Rule" does not seem to be referred too in the Bible, certainly there is enough which IS written as you point out.

I will be pointing this out to my Biblical Scholar very soon.

Again thanks,

truth seeker

Monotreme said...

Stephen M:

Still waiting for that definition of "recreational drug".

While you're at it, you can add "overweight".

Anonymous said...

Ah, waiting.
We will decline to define the term "recreational drug", out of hand, as it is common parlance.

As for overweight: funny, that.

We support the taxing of the overweight, pound for pound.

We once met an environmentalist who has obese. We explained how they were a living oxymoron, as one cannot be pro environment whilst simultaneously taking up extra space within that same environ.
Her massive carbon footprint made a thumping sound as she stormed off across the floor of Great Harvest Bakery.

The fat hippy was not amused; obvious facts that contradict delusions often make hippies cry.

Eliza Doolittle said...

Well, as soon as you can define a "drug" (much less a "recreational" one), then we can get about the business of outlawing them.

In Bolivia, coca leaves would be perfectly acceptable, while here they are illegal.

Getting back to the point of this thread, the predominant culture hereabouts wants to control the definition of "recreational drug", and the power of definition is the power of domination over others.

Similarly, by defining other terms such as "marriage" and "religion", we exert our domination over other people -- especially those who don't think or look like Us.

Anonymous said...

You know what a recreational drug is; your attempt to create a definition conundrum is spotted and summarily rejected.

You can tell us that food is a drug, allergens are a drug, etc. ad nauseum.
You are lying to yourself when you do so.

And don't go on about what the definition of is, is.

It does not convince.

Eliza Doolittle said...

Let's get down to cases, then.

Is caffeine a recreational drug?

Anonymous said...

You are not clever.
Save your grade-school tact for your druggy friends.

Answer your own Socratic questions, using fact based analysis, not drug addled opinion.

Where do these people come from?

dorthy is nuts said...


Don't forget Utah was part of the Mexican territory. It was the land of the Ute indian tribe before the Mormons came here.

Dorthy and the rest of you Retarded Republicans should get the hell out of here, because your not welcome here either.

Eliza Doolittle said...

OK, thanks, Svengali.

I think we can all see where you're coming from.

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