Saturday, February 07, 2009

SL Trib: A Reason to Fight

Interesting background information in re Senator Waddoups' recent anti-booze crusades

Eye-opening story in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune, which goes a long way in explaining Senator Waddoups' recent anti-booze crusades, including his most recent, but now aborted effort to enact legislation mandating a government operated "Sinner's Central Database":
A reason to fight
Great responsive comment from one SLTrib reader, in the comments section beneath the above-linked story:
I can understand how the Waddoups family would want justice served, but punishing everyone who drinks alcohol in a serch for justice against this piece of white trash (Oroszi) is the wrong way to do it.
Mike, would you punish all gun owners for one person using a gun in a crime? No, You wouldn't. I know it, and you know it.
Punishing responsible drinkers for what this guy did to your wife is the wrong way to go about it, and it is an abuse of power.
Fix the problem of police departments not having up to date information sharing. That would do more to advance justice in your wifes case, and you might actaully be respected instead of reviled...
Nice to have it all put into perspective, we believe.


Curmudgeon said...

However, Rudi, the problem with this potential killer on the roads is not the Zion Curtain. It's the justice system [politely so called in this instance] and bumbling record keeping by the authorities. It's the judicial idiocy that lets people be convicted two, three and more times of first offense DUI [with first offense punishments for each of the multiple convictions]. If Sen. Waddoups can explain how making opaque the Zion Curtain or requiring every family that sits down to dinner in a restaurant ordering wine to swipe a DL first will in any significant way cure the problems the story reveals, I'm willing to listen.

RudiZink said...

Exactly right, Curm.

Bill C. said...

It seems like Waddoups wholethinking is wrapped in his personal onetime bad experience and as Curm points out, he placing blame in the wrong place. It's like he's thinking if his idea were in place back then, the guy could have been found by the data base by tracking thru bars scanning history. This is scary, he's in a leadership role, and this is how he thinks?

Bill C. said...

Oh I forgot to mention that most alcohol is distrubuted and consumed outside of bars and restaurants, Probably 90+ %.

Dave said...

I agree!

Nice to have it all put into perspective, Rudi.

Waddoups is totally nuts, granted. But it's a relief to "hear" that his wingnut obsessions come about as a result of his "emotionalism," rather than his right wing devotion to people like Adolph Hitler.

Now that Waddoups has backed down on the database statute... maybe it's time for this totally emotional nitwit to seek therapy.

The man is obviously VERY sick.

Anonymous said...

17 public intoxication charges?


We know serious alcohol users who never drink and drive, who never are publicly intoxicated.

And they are, for all intents and purposes, professional drunks.

The person who hit mr. Waddoups wife?
His problem is not drinking. His problem is character related.
And you cant make being an @%$@&*$ a crime.

Waddoups has lost his perspective due to the tragedy he is experiencing.
He should refrain from legislating on this topic until he has some closure.

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