Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ogden Gets Left Out of Obama's Initial Trillion Dollar Stimulus

Where are Boss Godfrey's Ogden projects?

By Momba

I just saw Obama's Stimulus Watch Projects on the Utah page, listing projects the mayors of this state submitted in the 2008 U.S. Conference of Mayors report
Projects in Utah
Where are Godfrey's Ogden projects?


Cavendish said...

Trust me! Godfrey is a genius! Never forget that!

Curmudgeon said...


Nice catch! Thanks for posting it. You might want to suggest to the SL Trib and the SE that they ask the Mayor why no Ogden projects have been submitted.

Godfrey is an Idiot said...

Well, actually Godfrey doesn'y have any actual "shovel ready projects."

It would be hard to find one single one of Godfrey's knuckleheaded projects that have progressed beyond the psychotic "Grand Scheming" phase. certainly none of them are "shovel ready."

The dopes of Ogden re-elected the little shit though.

The best we can do is to rely on our GREAT City council to restrain the little shit.

ozboy said...

The Lil Lord is way to busy courting "real" big time money sources to be wasting his valuable time casting Ogden's pearls before such temporary pretenders like this Obama fella.

I mean why would he waste time on Obama when he can spend it more fruitfully with the likes of Peterson, Gadi and these guys from Arizona that "invested" so heavily in the land of Oz. A smart politician needs to conserve his precious bodily fluids and expend them only on big players and in areas that can bear big fruit.

Besides, taking Fed money from a flawed politician like Obama would go against all that the Lil Lord and his minions stand for as it pertains to private enterprise and government staying out of ownership positions in public facilities. The Lil Lord is after all, and above all, a good Republican and we all know that the "R's" do not believe in government involvement in private enterprise.

No siree Bob, you will never see the Lil Lord investing the public's money in silly loser private projects or to prop up his otherwise loser buddies.

Bill C. said...

Lying little matty has been so busy trying to cover his tracks and attending outdoor clothing conferences that he simmply missed a huge opportunity to gain some legitimate funding for real developement.
Brigham City officials seem to have been on the ball, their getting lots of help providing outdoor recreation. What gives?

althepal said...

It's really very simple.

Nobody in Ogden gets Godfrey's favorable nod, unless they cough up major bucks to his re-election committee.

Godfrey practically wrote former Illinois Governor Blagojevic's campaign playbook.

infrastructure said...

Water, sewer, storm drains.

Arent they shovel ready? Oh, thats right Gadi will take care of that too.

danny said...

I would think Ogden would do well in requesting funding like this.

After all, we have more bureaucrats per capita than any other city in Utah, and they are better paid.

But then maybe it's true what people say. Ogden's bureaucrats are really good for nothing and don't do much of anything at all.

What will it cost us said...

The City Council should look at what the city pays these development folks that don't have a clue as to what real development consists of. Why apply for Federal funds when the Mayor can just raise our water and sewer rates to pay for the upgrades.

If Brigham City can get $15M for water projects seems like Ogden city is asleep at the wheel.

How many empty suits works for the city at the mayors pleasure. The mayors budget should be lowered if we have such poor performance for the cities intrest.

dan s. said...

And among the projects on the list are these:

* Construct two light rail extensions downtown (400 South extension to Hub and 700 South/400 West extension) to complete the adopted Downtown Transportation Master Plan light rail system ($175,000,000)

* Construction of a new streetcar line in southwest downtown connecting the intermodal transportation center with major destinations including a regional park, providing an underpass for the streetcar and major trail under the Union Pacific Railroad mainlin ($100,000,000)

* Construction of a new light rail North Temple viaduct over Union Pacific and UTA Commuter rail tracks including new roadway improvements, pedestrian walks with security lighting and a passenger transfer station between the presently being constructed Airp ($65,000,000)

* Construct the Sugar House Streetcar line connecting downtown Sugar House to the regional light rail system ($55,000,000)

While Salt Lake City was planning these projects, our mayor was insisting that we shouldn't make plans for a streetcar here because the money would never come through.

Thanks, mayor.

dan s. said...

Regarding new water infrastructure, it's actually even worse. The city has doubled the utility bills of current residents not just to improve service in a few existing neighborhoods, but also to subsidize future development of our foothills. Yes, this includes gondola-related developments.

Bill C. said...

Dan, after how many years of having his #1 priority a gondola to nowhere, and his uncle, City planner Gregory Peccary Montgomery, didn't even have a plan for that to submit?
I believe that the secretive nature of this administration, due to the crooked, crony scams involved, and the fear of public discovery through grama and other channels, now has become the SOP for everything the City does. It's all a secret, put nothing on paper, no official planning.
They didn't even have a bike path to submit, a soccor field or fire hydrant, while SLC and Brigham City will realize huge benefits.
Or, they may have been totally in the dark as to the opportunity, which seems just as bad.

ko ko koooo said...

Mayor Godfrey and Chief Senator Greiner are full of shovel ready bullsh!t projects..

summers eve said...

Godfrey is a stupid freakin douche bag. He didnt even add a gondola, any water projects, nothing.

What a waste of skin.

momba said...

So, at Curm's suggestion I contacted someone at the Standard. I received this reply:
'I asked John Patterson about this. He said this is a list put out by the conference of mayors but only includes cities that took part in the conference, which Ogden did not to any extent.

Ogden, he assures me, has a whole raft of projects that it is pursuing in precisely the same way the cities on this list are pursuing them, including transportation and roads and so on.

So the list is somewhat misleading, since being on the conference of mayors list make no difference, really -- the cities all have to go after the stimulus funds in the usual govermental manner."

I wonder if our mayor was hanging out with high adventure sports enthusiasts during the conference rather than with other mayors to find out how mayors in other cities do things.

(Snidely, she says: "He already knows what a mayor should be doing. He receives his instructions from divine revelation.")

He probably spent his travel funds on the trip to Europe to check out the gondolas and then couldn't afford to attend the mayors conference. He sets his own priorities.

Had Enough of Godfrey said...

Can't any of you read the writing on the wall? Godfrey hates Ogdaen, that's why he ran for mayor and has done everything in his power to ruin it and drive it to bankruptcy on the back of Ogden's taxpeyers.

He should be tarred and feathered and run back to Harrisville!

summers eve said...

I have my pitchfork and torch ready.

OgdenLover said...

Anyone need feathers or matches?

Curmudgeon said...


Thanks for following up. Gave the story context it did not otherwise have. Appreciate it.

rich kids rule poor kids drool said...

Overheard in the coffee shop this morning. Commandant goofey to close Lorin Farr pool to pay for HIS mismanagement errors at Pee Wee's Playhouse and downtown water feature. Remember you overheard it here first. HE questions why taxpayers should continue to subsidize Lorin Farr.
No kidding!

Anonymous said...

Lorin Farr?

This may seem off topic, however:

A great many oomans, perhaps most, were they to know what was about to transpire nationally, globally, and locally, would shoot themselves and their loved ones in the head, to avoid having to witness the unspeakable horrors of the new age.

Hastur awaits, but not for long.
Pray to whatever gawds you will, that your end will come foremost, and swiftly.

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