Friday, February 20, 2009

This Morning's Emerald City News Delivered Promptly This Very Afternoon!

Energy Solutions, Inc. - a bad corporate neighbor and an assault upon our healthy recreational state culture... This isn't the only toxicity problem, however

There are numerous interesting items from this morning's Standard-Examiner. We barely know where to start.

How's this?

There are three pieces in today's edition dealing with the Energy Solutions, Inc., the radioactive toxic waste dumping -- poison-mongering -- corporate monkey on our Utah back.

For starters, here's a great and savvy letter to the editor from today's Std-Ex edition, which very nicely frames our local issues regarding the storing of radioactive waste in Utah, we think:
• Energy Solutions can buy our legislators
And here's another Big-time Classic Editorial on the subject too, from the highly-skilled Std-Ex wordsmith (Doug Gibson) who now posits opinions on the radically improving Std-Ex editorial pages every single day, mostly to our great delight, as he today refers to lemebrain Davis County Republican House Majority Leader Representative Garn's Faustian Solution:
• Say no to waste profit sharing
As an added bonus, we gleefully link this news blurb from one of the Std-Ex's well hidden sidebars, wherein Governor Huntsman courageously states that he'll veto any bill designed to bring foreign (designer Italian) nuclear waste to Utah:
• Huntsman vows to veto nuclear waste
Not a bad day's work for our home town newspaper, from the news and opinion gathering perspective, we'll say.

And we'll hope in the future The Standard-Examiner will display the same degree of due diligence very soon with regard to our local city government.

There's a 135 pound specimen of steaming and reeking toxic waste sitting in a leather chair on the ninth floor of city hall most days of the week. It needs to be removed, and planted in a toxic waste dump site far away from our lovely city, we think. We do hope that our home town newspaper, the venerable Standard-Examiner, will embark upon touting this worthy project very soon.

And what say out gentle readers about all this?


The Lovely Jennifer said...

Rudi --

Can we send him to Italy?


monotreme said...

Here's what I have to say, from none other than the Great Larry Sabato himself:

Yes, there are serious press excesses from time to time, as I documented in my book, Feeding Frenzy. But these days, with the near-collapse of parts of the print press industry, I am just as concerned that the news media no longer have the personnel or the inclination to hold officeholders accountable for their actions. More than a few top politicians in the power elite believe they are special, and therefore they do not have to live under the rules that apply to the rest of us. We just saw this again in the Daschle and Geithner tax-cheating scandals. While proof is the most important determinant of publication, broadcast and print journalists must continue to be appropriately aggressive and properly suspicious of the official version of anything. Or do we just want everyone in the tank for the powerful?


disgusted said...

no mention on the blog about gadis wifes trust suing the land owner over a property transaction. would like to hear the other side of the story rather than the one reported in the paper. this is the second law suit that i am aware of where he is trying to use the courts to have things his way. definately a guy that will try to use deep pockets to get the other side to back down. in this case his wifes trusts deep pocket. in the other case i have heard the other side of the story and it differ considerably from his versoin of the story. imho he has no legal standing on the second law suit. just going to cost the other side a lot of money if they dont submit or run out of money.

RudiZink said...

Thanks for bringing up the topic of the latest lawsuit, disgusted. Let me just say that I'm planning to post an article on the subject, just as soon as I can get down to the courthouse to review the pleadings, and hopefully interview counsel and/or the parties in these new proceedings.

I agree. There's another red meat story buried here, which needs to see the light of day.

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