Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weber County Forum Housekeeping Note

Heads up on a great recent comments widget

For those readers who haven't noticed yet, please take note that we've added a "recent comments widget" within our right sidebar. It captures our last five reader comments feeds, and then displays them in the right sidebar.

Although it will be fairly useless during our usual times, when we sometimes accumulate 200 comments within a short period of time, it will be most certainly helpful for those times when our readers' wonderful comments sometimes taper off. The beauty of it is that it will highlight comments from articles which are downthread, and are mostly forgotten by readers who only check out the first three of four front page articles. For those readers who regularly check in and try to keep up, it'll be an ideal feature to monitor ongoing discussions in some of or more neglected backpages.

Check it out. gentle WCF readers. This is an addition to our WCF website that your blogmeister has been contemplating for months.

Give us your feedback on this new WCF feature, O Gentle readers.

Regular readers will also note we've consolidated some of our less traveled sidebar links, such as out Community Calendar, Government Toolkit, etc. into one module, Community Toolkit, near the top of the right sidebar.

Thank you very much.


dan s. said...

Rudi, on the subject of housekeeping, I would ask you to step-up enforcement of the WCF rules against personal attacks and off-topic comments. I'm growing especially tired of the "Jay Asquith Cavendish" posts.

TM said...

Right, Dan. It pisses me off and definitely embarrasses the hell out of me too!

Curmudgeon said...

Ditto for me. That kind of schoolyard taunting is just childish.

RudiZink said...


Remember, people, this board is for grownups.

Dent said...

Rudi: a few of the comments in your sidebar comments widget don't link to anything. Looks like there's a bug.

RudiZink said...

Thanks, Dent. I've found the glitch and fixed it. (I think.)

danny said...

I disagree with Dan S.

The Jay Cavendish comments are among my favorites.

There's more to life than dry facts and analysis.

Bill C. said...

It's quite funny that on a forum where very few post under anything close to a real name, most using an alias of their own chosing, that there's such concern over name-calling.

Danny said...

Most excellent Danny comment bumped to the Top Shelf

RudiZink said...

As you're well aware, Bill... some posters here have suffered inadvertant conseqences from posting under their own names. These people have been mercillously attacked by scum like "Cavendish," and have suffered severe employment consequences, and no longer post on this board.

Anonymous nicknames rule, as far as I'm concerned.

Scee-rew the Godfreyites!

Bill C. said...

You're right Rudi, and let's not forget who or what the source of this discusting strategy is.
Tme and time again this always seems to happen to folks opposed to some questionable, unsupported by facts or statistics proposal of lying little matty or his administration. This was repeated adnauseam duing the park/golf course/gondola proposed give-away. Anyone that voiced their opinion in letters to the paper was immediatly accosted by the geigarian horde, threatened,strong armed and generally harrased for simply speaking out in a public forum.
More recently we witnessed the same thru-out the Windsor hotel fiasco where despite a total misrepresentation of the facts by the administration and the gondola examiner, property owners were threatened and intiminated into silence.
Is this the type of leadership and communication we deserve?
no matter how far lying little matty tries to distance himself, we know he's the source, and he should be held accountable.

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