Friday, February 20, 2009

OVF: The Fleecing of Utah Property Taxpayers

Another article for Utah property tax reform wonks

More activity on the Utah property tax reform front this morning form Ogden Valley Forum, where blogmeister Larry Zini has posted another article dealing with the issue of the state's treatment property tax delinquencies:
If this sounds like a call to arms, it is. With over $100 million in delinquent property taxes due State wide, and another $60 million in paid delinquent taxes not part of the accounting process every year, the average Utah taxpayer needs help. They are not getting it from most elected officials at any level in the State. Despite notification to the media in our area and Salt Lake, no major media outlet will touch this story. Seldom will any of us have a chance to influence such a clear cut issue. When you consider how long this process has been going on and what these issues have cost the Utah taxpayers, the urgency of action speaks for itself.
For those readers following this issue, we invite you to mosey on over to OVF to have a look:
The Fleecing of Utah Property Taxpayers
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