Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Tug of War Tonight Between Emerald City Cultural Types and Godfrey Meatheads

A little something tonight for all Emerald City Citizens, cultural afficionados and juvenile Godfrey meatheads alike

Hey people! Here's an upcoming Ogden City cultural event, which for unknown reasons, seems to have slipped through the Emerald City promotional cracks. According to this obscure blurb in last Friday's Standard-Examiner GO! Section, our downtown Union Station "will be inducted into the National Pioneer Hall of Fame, during a program that starts at 7:00 p.m. Feb 12 in the station's grand Lobby."
Hall of Fame Honors Station
This web page tells Ogden Citizens more about the choral performers who are scheduled to perform in celebration of tonight's Union Station event:
Voices of light
And here's the gist:
Voice of Light has been invited to Utah to perform a patriotic program at:
The Celebration of Ogden’s Union Station Becoming a National Museum
The event will be recorded and will be sent to the National Archives in Washington DC
This talented Sacramento, California choir will be performing the originally composed works of the at least equally talented David Hasson at Union Station tonight. And with tonight's elegant and righteous choral performance scheduled, what's the Std-Ex heavily promoting? This crap, to be exact:
Ogden streets prepare for Ogden Winterfest's manmade blizzard
Take your choice, Emerald City citizens. If you prefer to watch lame-brain entertainment like toboggan parades, human dog sled races, polar bear swims and snow bowling, all conducted on fake, trucked-in snow, be sure to attend Boss Godfrey's heavily juvenile faux winter events on Friday.

If you'd prefer a little more non-Godfreyesque, non-Harrisville Cherry Picker-style grown-up culture for the evening on the other hand, we suggest you make plans to take your family to the Union Station's National Museum induction/Voices of Light choral performance ceremonies tonight.

That's our take; and we're stickin' to it.

Contrary opinions are invited, of course.


Curmudgeon said...

And, since in honor of Darwin Day [today], UTA is offering free rides all day long on all UTA transit, folks will be able to get to the celebration on the trains and buses at no cost!

Way to go UTA! And happy Darwin Day, people! Let the partyin' begin!

Do both said...

Most of the Winterfest events worth going to (if there are any worth going to) are on Saturday... so hit up both if you have the time. Make use of all of that trucked in and fake snow and I'm sure there will be numerous displays of human stupidity.

Viktor said...

But can we see live Geigers at either event?

The Geigers Are Potential Patent Violators said...

They (the Geigers) are making their goofy geiger rigs their new invention thats already been invented.

Curmudgeon said...

Aw, c'mon Do Both. A successful WinterFest will be good for Ogden. And I'm for any reasonable excuse to party... particularly in Zion, which needs all the opportunities to party it can find. And it's Carnival too. Head on down, grab a brew or two and enjoy. Be good if it succeeds and becomes a regular thing.

Danny said...

I plan to visit the Winterfest at some point.

And by the way, as we talk about restaurants sometimes, Rickebackers has a nice lunch menu with everything about half off regular price.

It's a nice place to have lunch if you're looking to impress and don't want to spend a lot.

Of course, it's part of Mel Kemp's taxpayer subsidized "executive terminal" at the airport, and so it will only last as long as the taxpayers are forced to kick in.

But while it does, it's a nice place to have lunch on a weekday once in awhile.

Craves GeigerGear said...

can u buy gieger gear at this grreat event in o town or the gieger rig

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