Sunday, February 07, 2010

Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints?

An unsolicited comment upon the sporting contest conducted this evening in the fair city of Miami, Florida

By Curmudgeon


This is entirely off topic and in no way related to Weber County events. Nevertheless, this 31 year resident of south Louisiana requests your indulgence to offer an unsolicited comment upon the sporting contest conducted this evening in the fair city of Miami, Florida:

Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints? Who dat? Not the &#@%!@# Colts anyway:
Saints dare to win / Colts caught short by onside kick
Thank you for your indulgence. We can now return to matters Weber County.


Jim Hutchins said...

Geaux Saints. It's been a long wait: 42 years.

ozboy said...

This is of course an outrage. Every one knows that the true Saints are here in Utah - along with the true Jazz. Norleans is full of a bunch of fakers and wanna be Saints and Jazzsters.

So who was playing in this so called souper bowl anyway? And the more important question - why the hell was Lowes and Smiths so deserted yesterday, was there some sort church activity going on that I didn't hear about?

With these bizarre oblong ball obsessions so rampant in society it is a sure sign that we truly are in the Ladder Days!

JEFF said...

Went to Super Bowl party with both a keg and great food, only request was canned food for the food pantry, keg ran out and we had to switch to bottled beer. Over 620lbs of food and stuff was collected.

I too wanted the Saints to win and bring some cheer to New Orleans. I love the food there and the diversity.

Curmudgeon said...


I don't miss living in the nearly year-round sauna and petro-chemical smoke alley that is S. Louisiana and I was and am happy to be now in the mountain west.[Inversions come and go, but "Cancer Alley" is all the time.]

Except for the two weeks of carnival, of course. Those two weeks I miss. And it would have been somethin' else to have been there last night.

machster said...

Curm, What's that Martin Luther pastry thing they make on Fat Sunday is it?

I was cheering for New Orleans and tha "Who dat" crowd too.

Jim Hutchins said...

@Machster: You mean King Cake?

Curmudgeon said...


It's Fat Tuesday, not Fat Sunday. And I think you're talking about a King Cake. A coffee-cake kind of thing, covered in purple, gold and green sugar [the Mardi Gras colors], and containing a little plastic baby hidden in it.

The baby [for the devout representing the baby Jesus] is part of an old tradition among the swells in New Orleans, the members of the exclusive old money parade Crewes [Rex, Comus etc]. The head of the Crewe would serve a king cake at a party early during carnival. Whoever got the piece with the baby was then to throw the next party, at which a king cake would be served, of course, and whoever got the piece with the baby would throw the next party and so on. [Of course, they had Cook make them so really no bother.]

Of late --- last 50 years or so --- the habit extended to the hoi polloi, and you could buy king cakes at bakeries, Albertsons, A and P, etc. They had babies in them too until the pettifogging lawyers had a conniption fit, and after that, the bakeries had to bake the cakes without babies inside, and attach a baby in a little plastic envelope so the buyer could insert it and thus assume the risk of someone cracking tooth on it or choking or what not. Nitpicking pettyfogging bastards.

Mah Woman began making ours for this season about ten days ago, as carnival began. [Gifts for kind neighbors who blew out our driveway after snow for us, cakes to take to work, and for us.]. We had one last night at the family Super Bowl party. And yes, baby inserted. Even if it's only one family eating it, it's not a King Cake without a baby in it.

machster said...

Thanks Curm, I knew just enough about the tradition to be dangerous. Was a guest of one of the "Crewes" in NO apparently after Katrina. I say "Crewes" because the "Cook" made the pastry and the hostess made such a big deal out of it. Turns out she is an old classmate.

Very big stuff in New Orleans and apparently in Baton Rouge too. I really liked the passion for tradition in NO. Seems it is contagious.

Would that Ogden ever develop such a tradition. The Pioneer/Refugee Days Rodeo just doesn't do it for me. Just not inclusive enough.

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