Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Standard Examiner: Descente Flies the Emerald City Coop

Could there be a flatland gondola in Layton City's future?

Interesting new development on the Emerald City business development front. In accordance with a speculative scenario foreshadowed here on WCF in mid-November, Descente LTD., the key player in Boss Godfrey's decision to "brand" Emerald City as an outdoor recreation hub, has reportedly spurned Godfrey Administration overtures aimed at setting up new facilities in Ogden, flown the Ogden City "coop" and established a new consolidated office headquarters-warehouse operation in Layton City instead:
Descente now south in Layton (Live Edition)
Descente now south in Layton (Digital Edition)
Boss Godfrey has to be "totally bummed."

And it won't be long, we suspect, before Layton City Mayor Steve Curtis will be eagerly announcing Layton City's new flatland gondola.

We of course invite our ever-savvy readers to chime in, to explain the true meaning of all this.


Curmudgeon said...

Sorry to see them go, Rudi. I'm sure Hizzonah will explain that the promise of a flatland gondola leading to another gondola leading to a vest pocket ski resort that didn't exist is what brought them to Ogden in the first place, and that now that the Ogden flatland gondola is defunct everywhere but in the Mayor's wet-dreams, they've left.

Oddest of all in the Mayor's comment's on Descente leaving this morning was his sour-grapes "Who cares? We're keeping the Geigers!" who will, he thinks, end up bringing more jobs to Ogden than Descente did, "just you wait and see!"

I hope they do. Truly. But it was interesting to see Hizzonah, who's been touting the jobs Descente brought here for years now as a great feather in his Mayoral cap, suddenly being dismissive about those same jobs leaving. My my my how times do change.

I wish the Messrs. Geiger all the best in their new venture, which the story says will eventually include clothing sales. They're going to need it. The rag trade is a tough business to crack. It would be nice if their venture takes off, though --- both for them and for Ogden. [From my keyboard to Athena's ear!]

ozboy said...

I doubt if Layton would ever entertain a flat land gondola, they seem way too smart a group to go down that road. Besides, the flat land and uphill gondola was a Geiger obsession, not necessarily a Descente one. This bizarre gondola notion could also have even played into the termination decision by the Samurai from Osaka. That and the tons of bad publicity the company got from the Geigarian shenanigans over the last several years. Of course the biggest reason they canned the Geigers most likely had to do with them not bringing the expected money home to Osaka like they were supposed to. Maybe if they had spent more time on the company business and less on sucking up to Godfrey and stirring up a bunch of crap in Ogden, they would still be in their jobs with the Samurai.

I too wish the Geigers luck in their new ventures and I hope they have learned something about community relations over all of this.

Ogden Res said...

Godfrey previously claimed that Descente coming to Ogden was a "turning point." Now he seems to feel it's no big deal the company is leaving, as long as his campaign supporters, the Geigers, stay in town.

The bottom line is Ogden, full of empty buildings, now has two more.

And we are far deeper in debt.

Nice job, Matthew Godfrey.

OgdenLover said...

Strange coindicence: The Geigers start marketing a hydration system made in China and plan on eventually selling clothing. The Mayor makes an unannounced trip to China to solicit "goods" to be sold in Ogden and then refuses to divulge what exactly he was doing there.

My totally unsubstantiated guess is that Godfrey was traveling in China on the taxpayer's $$ mostly as an agent for the Geigers.

Come'on Matt. Say it ain't so.

Biker Babe said...

OL - aha! since the expo he attended was mainly clothing and accessories, that only stands to reason . also almost explains why he won't name any names.



Curmudgeon said...


Oh ye of little faith! The Standard Examiner Editorial Board has assured us all that Hizzonah will give a full accounting of his trip to China on the taxpayers' nickle. Surely that full accounting will be forthcoming any day now, for the Standard Examiner Editorial Board told us it knows for a fact, no doubt about it, that Hizzonah is committed to transparency in government as a key element of his administration. Surely the SE couldn't have been wrong about something like that.

Oh ye of little faith!

I wanna go on a trip at ur expense said...

The Mayor will most likely keep his prototype hydration system, and outdoor clothing samples hidden away.

blackrulon said...

Has anyone got the total number of jobs created by making Ogden an outdoor high adventure destination?

Curious 1 said...

Black: I also noticed that it was only 12 jobs that came including managers. How many jobs has Ameri-sports brought and do they pay to use the $6M parking structure next to Ameri-Can building.

Were there any incentives to bring them here both Descente and Ameri-Sports. Was the city or state re-couped any money from these companies?

There are more employees working a single Burger King then worked at Descente.

curious 1 said...

Just looked at Geigerrig new website and the $140 product from China and the testimonials at how they have worked with the Geigers for years. Looked to me like they have been in business and on the web for years with this product.

I wish them well in this economy with a new high end product and website.

FDS said...

The Geigerrig, the new and improved portable douche.

Greatidea! said...

A portable hydration system for extreme sports? What an awesome idea! At least it was back in 1993 when Camelbak came up with it. Maybe they could come up with a material that repels water but also breathes. That would revolutionize the adventure sport world! You know, like Goretex, but call it Geigertex!

ozboy said...


There really is no end to the genius of these Geigerguys. Why I heard the other day that they had secretly received a substantial grant of tax payer money from the mayor to develop a new device to count ionizing particles in order to determine radiation levels. I think they are going to call it the "Geigercounter".

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