Monday, February 15, 2010

Heads-up on An Interesting Item on Tomorrow Night's Emerald City Council Agenda

Seems we're about to hear a sales pitch from California contractor Jeff Lee

Thanks to a tip from yet another sharp-eyed WCF reader, we'd like to alert you all to an item appearing on tomorrow evening's Ogden City Council Calender:
5. Request to be on the Agenda:
a. Jeff Lee, Lee Homes.
We're going to take a wild guess and speculate that it's THIS Jeff Lee who's requested time on tomorrow night's council agenda... you know, the California contractor guy who's rumored to be Boss Godfrey's top pick to ram-rod the languishing Ogden River Project?

It appears to us that tomorrow night's council agenda has suddenly become potentially very interesting.

Readers who attend tomorrow's council session are of course cordially invited to chime in with their comments and observations.


Curmudgeon said...

In re the environmental River Project, not the condo one. Lotta dirt being moved just west of the Bingham Biklery at Washington and the Ogden River. I presume it's part of the river clean up/rehab project. Right?

disgusted said...

What ever happened to the City Council’s claim of transparency?

Here Tuesday night we have the developer of the Ogden River Project coming to talk to the Council and the council staff put a non-descriptive announcement in their e-mail as to who is making a presentation and no announcement what so ever in the paper as to this presentation being made at the meeting. Hopefully the staff didn’t do this with the City Council leadership blessing.

My guess is once again the City Council’s staff is running the show rather than the Council members. Things will never change in the way the city is run as long as the council staff runs the show rather than the City Council members!

Council members should look up in the dictionary the definition of “staff”. They should be working for you not the other way around.

Those residents interested in knowing what’s going on with the Ogden River Project should attend tomorrow nights City Council Meeting.

Curmudgeon said...


Sorry, but I don't see a problem with Mr. Lee asking to make a presentation to the Council at a public meeting, and the Council agreeing to add him to the agenda, even on short notice. Particularly since Council meeting video tapes are now available on line and on Channel 17 so that you, me and anyone else interested will be able to see and hear Mr. Lee say whatever it is he plans to say at the meeting. It'll all be public record easily available to the interested public.

Since Mr. Lee is the Hizonnah's designated developer, I don't see anything that could be gained by telling him "no, you can't talk tomorrow." And it would be politically inept to do so as well. If the Mayor had even minimally competent PR flacks working for him, they could [and would] go to town on the Council's refusal to hear a presentation from Mr. Lee at an open meeting.

disgusted said...


You misunderstood my comment. I agree with you that he should have his opportunity to speak to the Council.

What I take exception with is the low profile representation to the residents as to who this individual is and what he is most likely to be discussing, which is a very important project within the city, the Ogden River Project.

Why wasn’t this individual’s purpose for wanting to be on the agenda or some explanation as to what justifies his appearance, i.e. what project he is working on identified?

And you’re right, we can view it after the fact on line or on channel 17 but if you want to make your comments heard and shared with other residents about what has been presented it would not be possible after the fact if you were not in attendance.

Makes me wonder if the staff really wants to know how the residents feel about what is being presented and whether they want those comments also recorded.

This would appear to be an effort to try to sneak something under the radar and IMHO that is not transparency.

Curmudgeon said...

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good ol boys said...

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blackrulon said...

disgusted, I am confused by your comment. How much information should be presented about individuals desiring to speak to the council. It was not difficult for you to find out who Mr. Lee is and what he represents. The council will have the opportunity to ask questions and seek information when he speaks. This is a vast improvement over previous times (Ernest Health).

disgusted said...


My comments were relative to the level of details provided to the residents not the Council, i.e. you and I.

For example look at the amount of detail given to every other agenda item appearing in front of the Council tonight.

McFly said...

Mr. Lee Homes brought a entourage of fine local citizens to the meeting tonight including Thaine Fischer and Curt Geiger who seemed quite friendly with Mr. Lee and the portly fellow who works in the economic development office. Lee did mention that his father is a good friend of Gadi Leshem. That alone puts him in the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

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