Saturday, February 06, 2010

Lame Std-Ex headline: Will Powder MTN dissolve?

The real question: What will Weber County's Senator Jenkins, the #2 man in the State Senate do?

Although we've been tied up with pressing personal business this morning, we didn't want the day to completely slip by without at least commenting in this morning's Dan Weist front page story, which chirpily dwells on a possible (and yet nebulous) memorandum of understanding, which "might," possibly, theoretically, and in concept be consummated (if all parties keep bargaining in good faith) to solve the Powder Mountain Township Mess:
Will town of Powder Mtn. dissolve?
Here's our take on this morning's story, which we believe possibly reveals Mr. Weist's political naivete, as revealed by this prize paragraph from Mr. Weist hisself:
The potential agreement, a memorandum of understanding, could end a two-year legal dispute
"Could" is the magic word here people. The key point is that no settlement has as of yet been reached between the warring parties. Let's keep working on this, folks. Let's not let down our guard until a signed-on-the dotted-line agreement is reached. Get ready to gird up for another lumpencitizens' WCF grand email assault on whichever State Senate Committee receives and considers Gage Froerer's HB 218 Bill, once it's (predictably, we think) passed from the House to the Senate.

And here's an interesting twist on this subject:

Assuming for sake of argument that Froerer's HB 218 is passed in the house... how will Senate Leadership treat it?

Boss Godfrey's cousin, GOP Senator Scott Jenkins, now the #2 man in Senate "Leadership," is holding all the cards on this wethinks.

What will Senator Jenkins do? Will he back up his Weber County Republican House colleague, Rep. Froerer? Or will he use his "high-power" political influence to feed Ogden Valley citizens to the developer wolves, and assist on assigning Froerer's bill to a Senate committee which will surely kill it?

So many questions... so few answers...


Zodiac said...

Adams is the poster boy for why we need to start changing these dumb bells out in the legislature. That can happen if the good voters understand the archaic positions that some of them come from.

We should single Mr. Adams out and find out what dirt he has under his fingernails. (they all have it). Then we go public with the information and start the process to bring him down.

Curmudgeon said...

A related and [as yet] unanswered question, Rudi, is this: presuming an agreement is in the offing between the jackals and the Weber County Commission to withdraw the application for incorporation [I don't think that would require any legislative action], what did the Commission have to concede to get the jackals to abandon incorporation? Recall, this all got started when Weber County refused to lie down and roll over for zoning changes the jackals wanted to turn PM into a mega-resort [hundreds of new condo units, etc.]

The SE story was an interesting teaser, but we don't yet have enough information to draw any firm conclusions about the arrangements, as you noted.

RudiZink said...

"...what did the Commission have to concede to get the jackals to abandon incorporation?"

Good question, Curm, although it's still a hypothetical, inasmuch as the parties have not as yet reached settlement.

My take? We need to continue working like tireless badgers on the passage of HB 218. The closer we get to that, the less the Ogden Valley Citizens will be inclined to "give up."

viktor said...

You have Gage Froerer negotiating with Greg Curtis over this deal. Now what could be wrong with that picture?

Greg Curtis being the former speaker of the house and accused ethically lapsed real estate lawyer who was finally thrown out of office by his constituents who got tired of his blatant actions, in and out of office, that favored developers and other hustlers over the citizens he was supposed to be representing.

Gage Froerer, who allegedly has the best interest of his constituents - home owners in the Powederville cross hairs - at heart, and is a well known real estate operator himself.

With these two negotiating on opposite sides of this issue you can only be sure of one thing - the developers will make out just fine and the citizens will get screwed - again, thank you very much.

This whole negotiating scam is just another pile of bull crap being perpetrated on the folks by the greedy BS artists in the real estate game.

Danny said...

We don't want the land around Powder Mountain turned into Las Vegas del Norte.

What is the county commission doing?

Powder Mountain is about to lose everything. Why is the county commission negotiating with a defeated foe?

This sounds crazy to me.

Let's not forget that stopping the Powderville residents from being screwed is one issue. Stopping Powder Mountain from screwing the rest of us is the other issue.

Biker Babe said...

they're all gonna die on PM road, have water problems, sewage problems, land stability problems and wildlife problems

and if they don't die, they'll complain about PM road, water, sewage, wildlife, local farmers, Ogden Canyon, old-timer residents' "shabby-looking" homes ...


Anonymous said...

...and this story has been repeated thousands of times, from one end of history to the other.

Our rapacious economic systems and the inherent unbridled growth necessitated thereby, and the greedy shortsighted me'ism within the hearts of most oomans hearts; this is the problem.

If the banks have their way, and when don't they, eventually the entire planet looks like a nightmare from a science fiction movie.
Make your stand, defend what is good and wholesome from the locusts of stagnant filth; die standing on your feet.

However, for those who would not sacrifice themselves on the pyre of faux-progress, deepest Alaska is the solution.

I agree said...

I am so sick and tired of the attitudes and signs of the "poor captives of powderville"! Everytime I drive up to powder mountain it looks like a ghetto trailer park with all of the signs, people are rude to the supporters of growth and are intolerable bores to their neighbors!

In an economy that is in such bad shape, this would bring jobs and prosperity. I find it funny, in fact we all do that support this development, that Jim Haley, the Van Zebens and the Zinis etc. are people who took advantage of the propsperity of their "past homes and lifes" to move here and now are preventing the locals who live here, from ejoying that same success.

You are all pathetic, retired cake eaters. Get a life.

Biker Babe said...

How on earth is powderville incorporation and high density building of condos going to help the locals who live here enjoy success?!?!??! I think the locals who live here are the ones who want their valley to stay a nice open-spaced valley ... and what success is there for the folks whose property taxes go sky high (once again) due to the building of more Higher Priced Homes and condos? Which of the locals are going to invest in those? If I lived there in my comfortable 10-acre minimum lot I would certainly not enjoy anything as obtrusive and invasive as towering sprawling condo cities obliterating the hills and trees I already enjoy... Success is not always measured in $$$.



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