Friday, February 19, 2010

Salt Lake Tribune Editorial: Powder Mountain - Let the Citizens Have a Say

Time for the State Senate to finish "cleaning up" the Powderville voter disenfranchisement mess
... HB466, passed with little discussion at the end of the 2007 legislation... "was a major screw-up."

Salt Lake Tribune
Rep. Kerry Gibson, R-Ogden
February 22, 2008

So far this [HB 218] is the only legitimate bill I've read about this year. Pass it immediately.

Salt Lake Tribune
Powder Mountain Editorial

Salt Lake Tribune reader comment #2
February 19, 2010

We're delighted to direct our readers' attention to this morning's strong Salt Lake Tribune editorial, urging the State Senate to finish the job of "cleaning up the mess" which the legislature created in 2007 with its "misguided" SB 466, and to relieve the civil rights injustice heaped upon the prospective Powderville" residents, "who were wrongly roped into the new town of Powder Mountain without their consent":
Powder Mountain -- Let the citizens have a say
We've remained mystified that this story has for the most part escaped the attention of the Northern Utah media over the past three years (the Standard-Examiner excepted); so we'll therefore offer a Weber County Forum Tip O' The Hat this morning to the SLTrib for devoting important editorial page space this morning to endorsing a bill which at least one SLTrib reader has characterized as "the only legitimate bill I've read about this year."

Nice work, Salt Lake Tribune.

Hopefully, most State Senators had a chance to thoughtfully consider this strong and persuasive editorial over a nice hot cup of breakfast cocoa
this morning, and that each of them will "choose the right," (just as their House legislative collegues already and unanimously did), now that this too-long-delayed remedial bill has been once again introduced for deliberation in the Senate.


Grizelda said...

The sad fact is the Legislature blew it on this issue twice, once when it passed the insidious HB466 without a dissenting vote and later when it passed the bill that was to rectify the damage done by HB466. They left the Ogden Valley Citizens out to dry.

It would be poetic justice if this winds up in a Federal Court and the legislative folly by the Utah Legislature is overturned. That would be a big poke in the eye for the culture dominated legislature of Utah. The national media will love it.

RudiZink said...

Actually, the legislature blew it a third time... when Developer-driven Senate Leadership killed Rep. Froerer's identical remedial bill in the Senate about this time last year, by adjourning an hour early on the last day of the 2009 Senate session, just as Rep. Froerer's identical HB 201 was next in line for a vote:

Leadership's Parliamentary Dirty Tricks

Perhaps we need to coin a new folk axiom...

"Fourth time's the charm," we hope.

Warren would say said...

And I'm hiding out in Eden - I'm a desperate man. Send Lawyers, guns, and money - The shit has hit the fan.

Warren said...

Exactly Right, WWS!

My exact thoughts about this Powder Mountain Mess!

Ogden Res said...

Are there any links to send emails this time around? Last time I emailed the whole committee.

RudiZink said...

Good question Ogden Res. I'll be putting together, posting and circulating a Senate committee bulk email link similar to the one we used for the House Government Operations committee last week, once we learn that HB 218 is assigned to a particular senate committee. Stand by.

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