Friday, February 12, 2010

Gage Froerer's H.B. 218 Passes in the House By a Stunning 63-0 Vote

The next big battle (the biggest one yet) will be in the Senate, where the evil neoCON forces in the legislature have vowed to kill this bill in Senate Committee

Good news for the prospective "Powderville Town" residents today, as House Rep Gage Froerer's H.B. 218 passes in the House, by a unanimous 63-0 Vote!

So far, so good.

Check out the audio of today's House floor "debate" (such as it was):
H.B. 218 House Floor Debate Audio (realPlayer audio)
Having passed the bill now in the House, the next big battle for Rep. Froerer (the biggest one yet) will be in the Senate, where the evil neoCON forces in the legislature have vowed to kill this bill in Senate Committee.

It's time to gird up our loins right now, gentle readers. We'll be calling for another vigorous citizen email onslaught very soon, just as soon as we find out which particular Senate Committee will be considering this bill.

As we did before, we'll also post and circulate a bulk Senate Committee email link, once this bill is assigned to a particular Senate Committee.

Gage has promised to keep us up to speed on this; and he makes it no secret that he'll need our further "steely-eyed" help.


OgdenLover said...

They really keep that Senate website up to date! Killpack, Bell, it's almost a list of who isn't there any longer.

pookie said...


AWM said...

"Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats." H. L. Mencken
US editor (1880 - 1956)
Don't know about the rest of you but I'M pretty much there now!

ozboy said...

This BS about Froerer's bill passing 63 to zip is all just part of the theater being put on by the Real Estate/Developer gang and their hand maidens in the legislature.

The script on this one calls for Froerer to end up looking like a hero to his constituents while at the same time not denying the developer piggies their obscene profits down the road.

yep, good old Gage did his darndest for his home folks, and even got the bill through the house on a unanimous vote! Just too bad them dang fools in the Senate shot it down. One thing for sure, we gotta keep sending Gage up their to the hill to fight for us!

The joke is on us however, cause Gage and his pals in the legislative leadership (so called) never had any intentions of letting this bill pass. Their loyalties are now, have always been and will always be with their cronies in the land scam game, it is certainly not with citizens rights.

Curmudgeon said...


Glad it passed, but gotta tell ya, Rudi, the fact that it passed out of committee unanimously three days after Froerer said he was postponing bringing it a vote in committee because the Evil Developers were spreading around 350K in money to kill it so he needed the three days to counter their influence is looking pretty threadbare. The unanimous vote on the House floor suggests the same. Looking more and more like the delay was a simple conflict of schedule matter and the 350K scare story was just a little verbal fog to make the delay easier to swallow for the people who traveled down there to testify on the first committee date only to have the matter canceled with no notice to them.

That kind of silly game playing is one of the things, but only one, that makes people skeptical of everything some legislators say.

Danny said...

Uh, okay, I'm as cynical as the next guy, but passing out of committee unanimously, then passing the House unanimously has to rate as a significant accomplishment and a big, big step.

Let's watch this one play out. Keep running this ball, Gage. We are watching, and moving to the edge of our seats.

All eyes are on you now.

White Fang said...

Senator (No to everything) Adams has said that he will not pass the Senate version (SB34) our of his committee. This means that Gage has to get support from the Senate without the Committee recommendation. We all need to contact every Senator in the legislature to support the house version (HB218) of the bill.

Monotreme said...

White Fang:

You can contact Chief Col.(Ret) Sen. Greiner for me. I don't believe he's taking my calls.

RudiZink said...

Speaking of Senate Government Operationc Cpmmittee Chair Stuart Adams, and his tyranical approach to HB 218, here's something from this morning's SLTrib which is very interesting:

It seems that Stuart Adams himself (with the help of President Waddoups) has succeeded in re-routing one of his own bills to a Senate committee where Adams and Waddoups believe it will get a more friendly reception.

The bill, which concerns limiting "pain and suffering" damages in medical malpractice cases, will now be considered in the Senate Natural Resources Committee, of all places.

Malpractice bill seeks fair hearing

What goes around comes around, we hope.

Machster said...

It being a little amusing to guess...

I am thinking Froerer and Curtis' meeting involved about three main items/issues:

1. The economic situation/recession has dampened the original developer's lust to the extent they "unloaded" the project to the new owners. The new owners, now getting past the probable lies and exaggerations about the "prospects" and value of the deal, are facing reality. E.G. that local opposition and lack of good will is pervasive and the notion of court case loss due to denying citizens their Constitutional rights trumps the hyped sale price.

2. To attempt to recover, the new owners are facing reality, and taking a step back with their "demands". They no longer will press for incorporation, and hired the biggest taxpayer thief (the biggest recipient of graft/gifts and "campaign finance donations" in Utah Curtis, to negotiate the details of a deal. Why? Because his law firm is notorious/infamous for handling shady deals in real estate. And Curtis welds power still among the realtor developer crowd (legislators) which dominates Utah State legislature.

Question becomes a deal with whom? Weber County? Or Gage Froerer as our "representative".

Why if Curtis and Froerer, or Weber County (?) are "working out the details" are the very people most involved not being informed/involved?

Where's the beef?

Is the second and safer road of the Planning Commission's list of requirements being traded? So the major costs to the developer will not be borne?

Here I must remind you... The Snow Basin road from the top of Trappers Loop "evolved the same way". First, Earl H. said if UDOT would move the Loop closer to his resort, he would pay for the connector road. Then after getting the State to spend more of our tax dollars for the more expensive routing, Millions more, Earl sat on it until he got the State to fund the $15,000,000 Snow Basin road...e.g. WE! you and I paid for it. And to this day every snow, we are still paying! The UDOT crews report the cost of clearing the State road to Earl H.'s bank account is now $1,000 roughly for each snow clearing.

This Snow Basin road fraud on taxpayers is probably the model for the situation at Powder Mountain development wise.

Just say'in... If it were me, I would follow the precedent already established. The Snow Basin connector road horn-swaggle. I worked for everyone involved except for you and me of course.

If the Utah Association of Realtors has called off the dogs to kill the "Froerer Bill", as it has apparently, then you/we can bet there is some serious trading off of "private property rights" behind the scenes. Something they ironically claim as the URA mantra.

I agree with both Oz and Curm. The theatrics of another Froerer grand stand has yet to be played out. The other shoe will drop when we learn what has been traded away among Hubert, Bell, Froerer, Curtis, and the other sock puppets of the URA.

White Fang said...

Froerer does not have the power to trade away anything. The Weber County Commission will be calling the shots if the incorporation petition is withdrawn.

The fact is, that the Eden Heights properties complicate the issue for the Powder Mountain people. That property was added after the incorporation was filed and cannot be included in any settlement without the approval of the Weber County Commission.

Curmudgeon said...

Comment bumped to front page

voting democrat from now on.... said...

I'm so glad I voted republican. Now I CAN campaign is just what we as citizens need when we voted for the S.O.B.'S
I will never vote for another republican in any election so long as I live. They have put it to me so many times and used no Vaseline in the process. I will vote democrat and the reason is I CAN.

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