Sunday, February 21, 2010

Standard-Examiner Editorial: OUR VIEW: Secession, Anyone?

We gotta once again say that we're mighty impressed with the upgrade in quality of the SE's editorials, since Doug Gibson took over for Don Porter
We have a suggestion for Sen. Stephenson, or maybe Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman, or Rep. Curt Oda, R-Clearfield, Or Sen. Margaret Dayton, R-Orem, or Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, or any of their ideological clones: secede from the United States. That would send a message to the federal bureaucrats. No longer would they say, "Oh, it's another resolution from those Utah pols!" They'd have to listen this time.

OUR VIEW: Secession, anyone?
February 21, 2010

Fantastic "tongue in cheek" morning editorial editorial from the Standard-Examiner (we're assuming it's tongue in cheek) criticizing the 2010 legislature's mealy-mouthed, piecemeal "Message Bill" approach to its apparent 2010 legislative project, i.e., thumbing its nose at the federal government:
OUR VIEW: Secession, anyone?
Yes Gentle Readers, "the silly season" is again upon us this election year, with the usual glut of half-assed "message bills," full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

So what say our Gentle Readers about this? So long as we're chafing under the heavy federal yoke, shouldn't our legislature stop merely nibbling around the edges... and just wholeheartedy go for broke?
But legislators, if you want to truly be independent of the federal government, stop taking so much of its money. It might be quite difficult to make up some of the lost cash, but hey, you'd be the inaugural Legislature of the new nation of Utah. You control the purse strings. You can make the legislative decisions.
And they won't have to be "message" resolutions -- they'd be for real.
Touche', SE Editorial Board... a hit! A most palpable hit! Why should our legislature limit itself to insipid political posturing, when it could could go for the whole enchilada?

We gotta once again say that we're mighty impressed with the upgrade in quality of the SE's editorials, since Doug Gibson took over for Don Porter.

So what say our gentle readers about all this?

Update 2/21/10 1:00 p.m.: While we're on the subject of 2010 "message bills," don't miss this morning's Deseret News column, wherein Mssrs. Pignanelli and Webb cheerfully opine on this topic:
'Message' bills: Are they important or a waste of time?
And who will be the first of our WCF readers to comment?


spreading fear said...

Check out this fear mongering headline from - Israel unveils new drone fleet that can reach Iran.

I highly doubt that this is what the press conference in Israel unveiled. "our weapons can now reach Iran" I'm sure it was a distance given in Kilometers.

Shame on KSL helping bring fear into the home's of you and I.

googlegirl said...

Israel unveils new drone fleet that can reach Iran

Put Up or Shut Up said...

I think these politicians should be forced to put their money where their mouth is. These folks should either pursue that which they talk about all the time or shut up already.

These politicians, Republicans, never deliver. They are all talk, but there are never results. There are catastrophes, mind you. Conservatives hate big government, right? Then why does government always grow more under Republican leadership? They hate wasteful spending? Then why does the national debt always increase the most under Republican leadership? The fact is Republicans/conservatives don't have policies that favor the general masses and middle class. So in order to appeal to the general masses they simply make things up: "Obama is weak on national security" and "war criminals shouldn't be read Miranda warnings" are two BIG doozies. The sad thing is the other party does nothing or little to refute and defend this nonsense and the media reports conservatives' nonsense like it's legitimate news. It's maddening.

If these politicians were forced to choose between actually seceding from the union (or, really, just actually following through with their fierce talk with some action) or shutting up about it, they'd shut up. Until then, well these message bills sure makes them look like tough, rogue, Sarah Palinites. --And I'm not sure that's the message they really want to be sending . . .

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