Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breaking News: Important Powder Mountain Update From Our Friends At Ogden Valley Forum

The folks of Ogden Valley are naturally keeping their fingers crossed that the "stakeholder" negotiators who are striking a percipient deal won't "give away the farm."

Here's something "Hot off the Press" From Ogden Valley Forum, via an article published a little over twenty minutes ago. Blogmeister "Valley" reports that the various adverse parties to the still-ongoing Powder Mountain Squabble have reached an agreement "in concept," apparently to settle the matter, and to remove Powderville Town incorporation from the table. Read Valley's brief writeup here:
Early Report From Capitol Hill - Powder Mountian Will Withdraw The Petition To Incorporate
Quite rightly, the folks of Ogden Valley who are not directly privy to the negotiations are keeping their fingers crossed that the "stakeholder" negotiators who are in the process of striking this deal won't "give away the farm."

That's it for now; but we''l try to keep you posted as the situation develops.

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ozboy said...

Sorry Rudi, but your link above doesn't work.

I said it here on a previous post, and I will say it again:

With Gage Froerer negotiating for the citizens of the Valley against Greg Curtis for the developers, the citizens will definitely get screwed.

Froerer and Curtis are cut from the same cloth, they are both realtor stooges and they both have a history of selling the citizens down the river to enrich themselves and their cronies in the realtor/developer game.

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