Friday, February 05, 2010

House Bill 218: Live Audio From This Morning's Committee Session - UPDATED

Rep. Froerer's HB 218 bill returns to the House Government Operations Committee calender
UPDATE - H.B. 218 is successfully passed out of committee with a UNANIMOUS favorable recommendation!

Once again we provide an audio link to this morning's House Government Operations Committee hearing, wherein Rep. Gage Froerer's H.B. 218 (Municipal Disincorporation Revisions) has been re-set from Monday morning to item #3 on this morning's committee calender. If all goes according to plan, the below audio link should automatically go "live" around 8:30 a.m.:
realPlayer Audio
MP3 Audio
We'd also like to thank our many readers who submitted their supportive emails to Rep. Froerer and HGOC Committee members during the last few days. After a sluggish start, thanks to your vigorous efforts, the volume of correspondence finally picked up quite substantially.

Listen up , folks; and monitor the results of your handiwork!

We'll definitely be sitting on the edges of our seats.

Update 2/5/10 9:41 a.m. MT: After some very brief testimony and discussion of issues, and upon the motion of committee member House Legislative District 9 Representative Neil Hansen, the Committee UNANIMOUSLY passed H.B. 218 out of committee with a favorable recommendation!

Next stop: Full deliberation and debate on the House Floor.

Update 2/5/10 4:00 p.m. : The above"live" audio link has now been replaced with recorded audio from today's hearing, in realPlayer and mp3 formats. The HB 218 sequence begins @ approximately 50:41.


get er' done said...

ten grand Gary is a friend of matts and that is how he learned the tricks of the trade. as i watched the lies and the denies on the kls TV this is a classic of the republicans I CAN campaign. Way to go G O P more corruptions. BROUHAHA

history tells all said...

I predict that the bill will only get some headache from the republicans on the committee. The Democrats are more level headed. They will all vote for this with Hansen leading out on this.

Curmudgeon said...

Good. But I'd note that the bill passed out of committee successfully last year, only to be killed by Republican leadership in the Senate in the last hour of the session --- killed in fact by Sen. Majority Leader Killpack, [who was presumably sober at the time].

We're a long way from home on the bill becoming law. If it does become law, the developers will probably challenge it in court.

But this was an important first step.

RudiZink said...

That's right, Curm; and Rep Froerer expects a particularly stiff battle in the Senate again this year, starting with the Senate Government Operations Committee, where battle lines are already being drawn.

OgdenLover said...

FYI, when sending emails to legislators, etc., rather than sending to all as a group, if you have individual email addresses, send it to yourself and use bcc (blind carbon copy) to all the others. Each will receive an email ostensibly sent to them individually. This may be more effective than their knowing they are part of a mass email.

googlegirl said...

Using Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) in Outlook Express

Maxwell said...

I would suggest prayer, except you haven't got a.

ozboy said...

I still got ten sawbucks that says this bill never becomes law. The GOP leadership (so called) places a hell of a lot more value on pandering to their big buck supporters in the real estate game than they do on the civil rights of their constituents. They will play this out as if they were making a valid effort, only to kill it in one of many different ways in the end.

Arlene said...

Can someone who has read this bill give us a brief run down of what it really says? If so, please include anything in it that could have deeper implications and which could be reason for it to not pass. Thanks.

Jennifer Neil said...

Arlene, read the entire bill Here.


Lonesome Cowboy Bert said...

It isn't ain't complicated. Arlene.
Read this

Whistler said...

Another Point: Gov. Herbert could give this bill the old Pocket veto treatment if he chooses. He just doesn't sign the bill and it goes away at the end of the session.

Danny said...

comment moved to front page

I agree said...

Are you all stupid. Gage is a realtor, a broker and not out for your best interest. it is all about buyouts and bribes.. Do you know he is involved and owns land at Wolf Mountain, where the golf course sits, and that he has the first rights to develop and market that. You are all so naive.

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