Friday, February 19, 2010

Stop the Presses: WCF Yellow Dog Democrat Regular Contributor Strongly Supports One Key Piece of 2010 State GOP Party Legislation!

GOP legislators should be applauded when they propose "good bills," says the ever-sensible Curmudgeon

By Curmudgeon

Lest it be thought that I cannot applaud Republican legislators when they propose good bills, I'd like to applaud Utah State Senator Peter Knudson (R-District 17) for sponsoring SB 52, "Voter Challenge Amendments." The bill "seeks to strengthen the integrity of the process by which voter eligibility can be challenged," says the Utah ACLU, which supports its passage.

From the Utah ACLU website's write-up on the bill:
Why do we need to improve this part of the voting process?
The ACLU of Utah witnessed first hand how Utah’s current voter challenge law was misused to wrongfully accuse a large number of Ogden voters of being ineligible to vote during the 2007 election.Additionally, this tactic has been used in other parts of the state, and against other groups of voters to dissuade eligible and lawful voters from exercising the right to vote.

How will SB 53 impact legitimate voter challenges? How will it affect the work of Election Day officials?
SB 53 will protect the ability for appropriate voter eligibility challenges to be made, but it will also give the challenged voter the opportunity to prove her or his eligibility (without missing out on the chance to participate in Election Day). In addition to assuring that the challenge process cannot be manipulated to exclude voters for political or other reasons, SB 53 actually streamlines the challenge process and free up election official time on Election Day to deal with real election issues.
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Sue said...

Three Cheers for GOP Senator Knudsen! There are many Ogden Citizens who will never forget the rotten and undemocratic acts of Godfrey operatives like Blake Fowers, who threw a giant monkey wrench into the Ogden Municipal election process in 2007.

Kudos to Senator Knudsen and his bill; and Godspeed!

Machster said...

Only proves the old adage, "Even a blind hawg finds an acorn once a again..."

Good show.

Yikes said...

Matthew Godfrey ought to be ashamed.

history tells all said...

Some one should call Rep. Hansen ask about how this bill became law. I talked to him and he gave me so really cool stories about this bill.
After all it was him that brought this issue to the legislature.

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