Friday, February 19, 2010

Standard-Examiner Letter: C'mon, Governor Herbert; Don't Sell Yourself Short!

Nine days since Dan's letter was first posted online;and we're still ROFLOAO

We're pleased to briefly note that WCF regular contributor Dan Schroeder's very clever February 11, 2010 Letter to the Editor, which we previewed in this forum on the same date, has now made its way to the hard-copy Standard-Examiner editorial page, adding considerably, we're quite sure, to the SE general print readership's morning merriment and mirth. For those who'd like to add your own further commentary to the SE's article comments section, we helpfully re-link the web version of today's "dead tree edition" letter below:
Herbert can get more than $10,000 for political favors
We'll also note that it's now nine days since Dan's letter was first posted online, and we're still ROFLOAO.

And how'bout YOU?


Cassandra said...

Probably off topic, but Iran is getting ready to launch about half-a-dozen small submarines, with a 8 megaton nuclear device attached to a short range missile.

Something to do with wiping Israel off the map or somesuch, or so the Insane Mullah has been going on about.

Ooman ape-things are funny; serious.

Swami said...

Whoa, Cassandra! Turn off the friggin' Fox TV, and pop a friggin' Bud:

Bud light astroid meteor commercial super bowl 44 2010

Don't worry yourself to death. It'll all be OK in the long-run.



Curmudgeon said...

Comment bumped to front page, with some slight editing

Curious 1 said...

Too bad it doesn't link back to WCF and the data as to how much he raised in 2007.

Need ethics reform to include mayors and any elected official that campaign funds can only be used for their own campaign or anothers campaign, not for personnal use. I wonder how much is reported to the IRS as income when it is used for personnal benefits.

googlegirl said...

Not so fast, Curious 1! Did you see this?

"googlegirl wrote 4 min 2 sec ago...

Godfrey Campaign Contributers 2007:

These are the people who "paid to play" with Godfrey in 2007:

Lots of "payola" in little ole Ogden in 2007

Yes, our "on the take" governor can bring in much more."

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