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One More Pitch For Rep. Froerer's H.B. 218

Have at it folks! Let's get those legislative switchboards and email inboxes lit up!
You're either part of the solution or part of the problem.

Eldridge Cleaver
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August 31, 1935 – May 1, 1998

With the end of the Utah legislative work week fast dwindling to a close, we'll take one last crack at trying to entice our readers to offer their input on the matter of Rep. Gage Froerer's H.B. 218 (Municipal Disincorporation Revisions) bill, which has been re-set for hearing before the House Government Operations Committee at 8:30 a.m. on Friday.

During the course of the past week, this topic has dominated the Weber County Forum front page; and as a result of our laborsome appeals to our concerned readers, we have managed to generate a fair number of emails to Rep. Froerer and HGOC members, urging the committee's passage of this crucial remedial legislation. Nevertheless, neither Rep. Froerer nor your blogmaster are as yet satisfied that we've managed to tap the full breadth of our readership's political activism. Frankly, we'd like to see Rep. Froerer waltz into Friday's hearing with a wheelbarrow full of supportive emails, rather than the handful he has as of now.

So as a consequence, we'll once again re-post the email links and other contact data which will conveniently allow readers who haven't yet chimed in on the subject to get in touch with the folks who'll decide whether this bill will be a) killed in committee, or b) passed on to the full House for debate and deliberation... where the bill belongs:

For those who'd like to contact Gage Froerer directly to register support for this bill, we provide his legislative profile page and email addy below:
Rep. Gage Froerer --
Rep. Froerer also strongly suggests that our readers contact the full HGOP Committee, to demonstrate that this bill isn't merely a parochial "backwoods" issue, and that its passage has broad support not only from citizens in the Ogden Valley area, but statewide, too. We've therefore put together a bulk email link for this purpose, for the benefit of those readers who'd like to contact the full committee via a single email:
2010 House Government Operations Standing Committee Contact Info
Let's get crackin' folks. Time's now running out. We've been following this issue for at least two years. And what a disappointment it would be, we believe, if Rep. Froerer's remedial bill, which would restore the voting rights of a substantial group of Ogden Valley residents who were innocently clobbered by a bone-headed legislative mistake, were to die an untimely death this week in committee.

For those readers who need a refresher course on the historical dynamics which led to Rep. Froerer's introduction of H.B. 218, check out the brief summary article below:
Introduction to the Powder Mountain Town Voting Rights Issue
Have at it folks! Let's get those legislative switchboards and email boxes lit up!


ozboy said...

Jeeze Rudi, get real. This bill by Froerer is a scam. He knows damn well the GOP masters in the Legislature are not going to let it pass, and he knew that from the get go. None of them give a damn about the effected people in the valley and their so called "rights". The only rights these bastards care about is the rights for them and their fellow scammers in the development game to make as much money as they can from raping the land.

So flood those committee members email boxes all you want, I have, but don't get yer hopes up that it is going to change the outcome.

In Republican Utah the good of the people always takes second place to the profits of the politicians and their cronies. If you don't believe me, just ask Ten Grand Gary Herbert. Ya want to rape the land with an open pit coal mine? No sweat, just send Ten Grand to Gary and its a done deal.

Eldridge Cleaver said...


You're either part of the solution or part of the problem.

OgdenLover said...

Email sent. Interestingly, my Word Verification for this message is "speri", which is Latin for hopes.

Curmudgeon said...

Look, if Ogden Valley residents would just cross the Governor's palm with silver --- $10,000 seems to be the spot rate for buying the Governor on any given issue just now --- the bill would get fast-tracked lickety-split.

ozboy said...


You're either the bug, or you're the windshield.

The problem is the sheeple of Zion who keep re-electing these neo-con republicans to the legislature.

Considering that I no longer vote for Republicans or incumbents, I guess I am part of the flailing at windmills solution.

Snookums said...

Those who posit that a human activity can be mapped as a dichotomous event, are almost always incorrect in their meandering logic.

All human activity will map far more accurately as a continuum.

pukey said...

Hey snookum...
where have you been all my life.
signed pukey

David S. said...

I just sent in my email to the committee members.

Thanks Rudi for keeping this issue on the front burner.

ozboy said...

This business with Ten Grand Gary reminds me of the old joke about the guy that ask the gal for a little nooky for five hundred bucks. She said "sure", to which he replied - "well how about five bucks". She got offended and said "what do you think I am"! He said "well we already established what you are, we're now only bargaining for the price".

So Ten Grand Gary and his staff are all huffy with Corroon for suggesting he give the ten grand bribe back, which Ten Grand Gary said "ainta gonna happen". So we know what he really is and we now know his price.

Now I'm wondering, if ten grand will buy a strip mine in Color Country, how much would he charge me to open a whore house in the State Capitol? I mean he has already established it as that sort of business.

get er' done said...

ten grand Gary is a friend of matts and that is how he learned the tricks of the trade. as i watched the lies and the denies on the kls TV this is a classic of the republicans I CAN campaign. Way to go G O P more corruptions. BROUHAHA

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