Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Endearing Boss Godfrey FOM Moment

Looks like evil realtor Abraham Shreve is back

Gentle reader ski companies and velodromes and high adventure, oh my? just posted this broadside in one of our lower comments sections, highlighting this POS YouTube video by one of Boss Godfrey's most loyal and corrupt cronies:
What's In Your Town, by Abraham Shreve
Just for the sake of background and consistency, let's look at Abe Shreve's track record:
A little more from this real estate moron Godfeyite Abe Shreve
Note to the little real estate hustler Abe Shreve. Here's a velodrome project that Ogden City may possibly be able to afford, as we stand mired in the worst national economic downturn since the Great Depression:
We could get Red Bull corporate sponsorship. and stick it in the now apparenty defunct "Jibyard," No?

Live with it, Godfrey boy Abe.


disappointed said...

The video fails to mention how many hundreds of jobs this new ski company is bringing to Ogden.

And did I detect a note of embarrassment in the mayor's voice when he said it would be "several months" before the high-adventure playground is built? What's the hold-up?

you who said...

Hang on, the great news will come in another announcement that great things are coming to Ogden, but they cant give details. Ho Hum.

RudiZink said...

You're hinting at the new Ogden BYU downtown campus, which Boss Godfrey is just about to announce, right, youhwo?

Bigger than the railroad is what I heard from the Mormon scuttlebutt?

Oh what happened? Did I steal your thunder?

Too funny!

unicycler said...

wait til you see where the velodrome moves to next.....


"wait til you see where the velodrome moves to next....."

Let me guess. Up Boss Godfrey's ass?

ozboy said...


Bring Your Uncle's Old Grog??

If it's true the Mo's are coming, and they put a campus down town around the Temple, it could be the deal that finally bails Godfrey's ass out. Hate to see that happen, but do think a high adventure BYU campus in down town would be good for the city.

Curmudgeon said...

Do these little puff pieces appear anywhere besides YouTube? I presume they'll show up on The Godfrey Channel [Cable 19] too, but anywhere else?

Dan S. said...

The RAMP funding for the high adventure playground was approved over six months ago. I think they'll have to provide RAMP with a progress report in a couple more months.

Meanwhile, does anyone know the status of the velodrome fundraiser that was to be held in October?

caddyhack said...

Comment bumped to front page

Sad Day, sad day said...

I thought that Abraham was in jail with his polygamist father.

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