Sunday, September 26, 2010

Salt Lake Tribune: Waiting For a Southbound Train: Lessons From a Bum

Worth a look, though it's not likely to please some Historic 25th Street Association merchants

By Curmudgeon

SL Trib this Sunday morning has up an an op-ed column by writer Amy Wilde who lives in Brigham City, but apparently spends time on Historic 25th Street. Her topic is not the Harvest Moon Fest or the fern-bar-and-art-gallery restoration of the street, but rather the homeless bums [her term, and it is for her a term of endearment] she meets there --- the very folk the city is doing its level best to convince to loiter someplace else, preferably west of the tracks. Her column is about what she's learned from them:
Waiting for a southbound train: Lessons from a bum
Worth a look, though it's not likely to please some Historic 25th Street Association merchants who convinced the Mayor to convince UTA that its buses were bringing The Wrong Sort Of People downtown. After all, the homeless don't have houses to which the city can deliver advertising for its merchants postage free.


AWM said...

Speaking of 25th Street, Was there for the Harvest Moon Festival Saturday at noon. Place was filling up quickly. Lots of things going on. The first music act on the east end of the street was great! Wife spoke to folks at Rovalis and the owners said business was much better and more consistent than in their previous location in Layton. Will have to get there this week for dinner and see how they are doing. Saw some bums but I'm guessing they were from Provo up for the festival. Had a good time/Well Done!

LikeISeeIt said...

I like her article, and I like her heart.

Curmudgeon said...


Good. Glad to hear your upbeat take on the Fest. I gather Ogden used to have a rep as a good party town. Be good if it did again.

Danny said...

There are a couple of troubling issues here.

First, that some ditz is going around looking for wisdom from bums. Yes, that's right, with all the accomplished people in the community, let's see what the total failures - if not the completely insane - think. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why reading a newspaper is a waste of time - everything is filtered though they eyes of newspaper reporters. 'Nuff said.

Second, after all the millions in taxpayer money squandered, you say 25th is still unsafe, still infested with bums? Say it ain't so. You mean years of gummint spending can't even change 25th Street? How 'bout that?

Wade said...

First - Danny you're kind of a downer. Used to enjoy your comments - what happened?

I loved the Harvest Moon festival - didn't get down there till the last two bands started but what an amazing event. Lots of people - beer flowing like wine - people dancing in the street. By far the best free show I've ever seen Ogden put on.

Cheers to the people making this stuff happen!!!

Curmudgeon said...


Now if we could just convince them that Ogden is ready for Mardi Gras In The Mountains each Feb/March.... Not having a big public party on the last day before Lent is... well, downright unAmerican.

When the city bluenoses manage to get out of the way, Ogden still trows a good street party now and then, when the weather cooperates, as it did this time.

Good on O Town for this one.

PS: "the beer flowed like wine"? Now there's a party image!

Curious 1 said...

Heidi and Bill from the City Club are the main movers and shakers for the Harvest celebration.

When the Mayor got rid of the Street Fair years ago it left a big hole in downtown Ogden. It brought a lot of folks to walk around have a brew and it did bring out the tattoo crowd. A little too raw for the mayor and his trying to make Ogden a kiddyland.

I think it is ironic that the businesses that complained about the street fair are no longer there either.

Joseph said...

I think the article was both informative as well as humorous. For those who have been critical of it, they're probably in denial over the fact that "bums" do make up a part of our 25th street community, and a colorful one at that.

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