Monday, September 13, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Tear Down Those Houses!

With respect to the removal of the downtown Leshemville firetraps, the only thing Boss Godfrey is burning now is daylight

Upon the suggestion of one of our gentle readers, we'll shine the spotlight on yesterday's strong Standard-Examiner editorial, which chimes in on a topic which has been much discussed here on Weber County Forum. The Standard was saying it back in April of 2008, and now they're saying it again:
OUR VIEW: Tear down those houses!
Now that the council has acted to appropriate the necessary demolition funds, and the bone-headed proposal to torch the derelict Leshemville properties has been taken off the table, we'll join with the SE in urging Boss Godfrey to get moving on this project top-speed. With respect to the removal of these downtown firetraps, the only thing Boss Godfrey is burning now is daylight.

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not a bum said...

Hey waitamite! Some people would call me a transient, but believe me, I've perfected my title to at least 3 properties in Leshenville.

Alfred E. Newman said...

This just in. Fundraiser free-for-all / Charges fly over Salomon Center political event in Wicks-Gibson commission race
From Standardex on twitter

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