Saturday, September 04, 2010

WSU Kicks off the 2010 Season against Boston College

Sorry... no embedded live video podcast for our gentle readers

It's a great day for Weber State University football fans. WSU travels to Chestnut Hill, Mass. to kick off the 2010 season at 11:00 a.m. against Boston College of the Atlantic Coast Conference. The Standard-Examiner provides this pre-game teaser this morning:
WSU hopes to bring a hurricane to Boston College
And here's a little something from the Deseret News:
Weber State football: Wildcats have hands full at Boston College
We've checked the local listings; and it appears today's game won't be available on local TeeVee. An audio version will be broadcast live on KLO radio, of course.

During the 2009 season we were able to embed live Big Sky TV video internet broadcasts of most of WSU's games. Unfortunately, BSTV won't be broadcasting today's game, so we won't have an embedded live podcast for our readers today. Internet-savvy WSU fans with broadband connections can catch the live streaming video of the game on, however. This latter feed works pretty well, BTW. You'll be viewing the game in two mouse clicks.

We're thrilled to see WSU back on the gridiron; and we'll be closely covering our home town team right here on Weber County Forum through the rest of the season.

Good luck, coach Mac and the WSU squad. A victory over an ACC team would be the ideal way to start off the season.

Update 9/5/10 8:00 a.m.: Final Score: Boston College 38; WSU 20. The Standard-Examiner has the story:
Weber State falls to BC 38-20 in season opener


Centurion Girl said...

Throwing slaves and xtians to the lions was way more exciting.
And just as homoerotic.

Go Dodgers!

Curmudgeon said...

The game was available live on ESPN's 3D site.

RudiZink said...

Right, Curmugdeon.

That's what we already said.

Try to keep up.

Curmudgeon said...

Sorry, Rudy. I saw this "Sorry... no embedded live video podcast for our gentle readers" and went ahead, trying to be helpful.

Speaking of being helpful, is the BYU/Washington game on TV anywhere tonight other than CBSHD channel?

I'll be watching late to see the Badger game at UNLV. It's nice that the Big Ten agrees to play these pre-season exhibition games. They seem to mean so much to the lesser conferences, and the Badgers get to get their third string and water boy some playing time. It's nice.

RudiZink said...


I'm watching BYU/Washigton right now on Comcast channel 269. Current score: Washington 7; BYU 2.

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