Saturday, September 18, 2010

WSU Game Day Thread: Wildcats Are On the Road Against Sac State U.

It'll be fascinating to see what Coach Mac pulls out of his bag of tricks this week

Well, the weekend's arrived, and perhaps we need to take a breather on Governor Gary Herbert's seemingly insurmountable credibility problems, so it's back to WSU football for us.

Accordingly we' ll note that The WSU Wildcats are back on the road this evening, where they'll face Sacramento State U. at 7:00 p.m. (MT) at Hornet Stadium. On the heels of last week's 5-1/2 hour quadruple overtime gridiron marathon victory, it'll be fascinating to see what Coach Mac pulls out of his magic bag of tricks this week, wethinks.

The Standard-Examiner offers a little pre-game hype this morning...
WSU willing to settle for any 'W'
And the Sacramento Bee has a few words on the topic, too, regarding Sac State's obvious newbie quarterback problem...
It's test time for Hornets' newly arrived QB Jeff Fleming
For our readers' convenience we'll link this evening's game broadcast audio and video links, (Remember the game doesn't start until 7:00 p.m.):
KLO Radio
Big Sky TV
Break out the Orville Redenbacher's and pull up your Barca-Loumgers, WSU fans. We'll keep the lower comments section open for your inter-game comments as per usual, too, just in the likely event that any of you would like to kibitz before, during, or after the game.

Interim Collegiate Football Update 9/18/10: Good News for BYU non-fans: The Evil Zoobies get crushed by Florida State this second year in a row this afternoon, this time by a score of 34-10:
Another blowout: Florida State routs BYU, 34-10
Just goes to show what happens when 'you're livin' right,' no?

Update 9/19/10 8:30 a.m.: Hornets 24, Wildcats 17. The Standard-Examiner website has been down all morning, so here's the story from the Salt Lake Tribune:
Wildcats fall to 1-1 in Big Sky play
Dang. Double dang.

Update 9/19/10 11:15 a.m.: The SE site is now back up and running, so we'll link this morning's post-game writeup:
'Cats feel Hornets sting
It's a sure bet that Coach Mac will be hammering basic football fundamentals with his WSU squad this week.

Update 9/20/10 8:30 a.m.: Standard-Examiner sports beat reporter Roy Burton provides a good post game followup story in yesterday's SE:
The good turned bad and the result was ugly for WSU


Sac State Sucks said...

WSU 44, Sac State 22.

That's my prediction; and I'm stickin' with it.

Curmudgeon said...

WSU's truly incredible ability to put the ball on the ground makes me doubt anything like a blowout will happen.

wsu booster said...

Don't be a "naysayer." professor Becker.

Suck it said...

WSU 49
Suck St. 10

Webber eats it said...

Webber - 0

SacState -100

Curmudgeon said...

WSU Booster:

Bookies get rich taking bets from fans who bet with their hearts not their heads.

Or so I've been told. I wouldn't know personally of course....

What a bunch of dorks said...

With 4:36 left in the first quarter, nobody's scored, but WSU is palying like crap.

Going back to watching the Utes said...

Sac State scores easily around 4:00 before the end of the half.

WSU totally sucks.

Monotreme said...

Eastern Washington beat the hated Montana Grizzlies!

My enemy's enemy is my friend.

OgdenLover said...

Hornets 24, Wildcats 17.

Go Wildcats said...


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