Friday, September 24, 2010

Watch KUED's 2010 Utah Governor Candidate Debate

If you can't catch Monday's 8:00 p.m. KUED broadcast, check out the prerecorded video online

For those readers following the 2010 Utah Governor's race, the Standard-Examiner reports this morning that "The Republican governor and Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon met Thursday during a taping of a debate to be televised by KUED-TV in Salt Lake City on Monday":
Utah Gov. Herbert, Corroon clash in first debate
The Salt Lake Tribune has the story, too:
Herbert, Corroon clash in first gubernatorial debate
If you can't catch Monday's 8:00 p.m. KUED broadcast, check out the prerecorded video online:
KUED Governor's Race Debate
For our readers' convenience, we've also added this link to our right sidebar 2010 election module.


althepal said...

Just finished watching the debate. Herbert's bad grammar and diction is reminiscent of GW Bush.

Educated Elite said...

At least GWB graduated from college.

BAT_girl said...

SLC TRIB comments are amusing. The photo that tops that article makes HERBERT look like the PUPPET TROLL he really is, next to Peter Corroon:

"Spicy McHaggis says:
Herbert is truly an idiot. How Hunstman picked him is beyond me.

Utah retardicans will re-elect him with no afterthought and the State will suffer for it.

It's times like this that show how truly stupid republicans are."

I had NO IDEA that Herbert only got through 1 yr of BYU. That says it all.

WEBER COUNTY residents! Let's show the rest of UTAH we know who to choose for GOV.

Weber County is not enough votes to get PETER CORROON all the way to the STATE. But 2 more years of HERBERT the PUPPET TROLL will be a reminder.

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