Friday, September 17, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Herbert Sends Angry Letter to Corroon

...and the Corroon Campaign responds

Following up on Wednesday's topic, the Standard-Examiner reports this morning that the heat in the Herbert/Corroon Gubernatorial race has been cranked up another notch. Gary Herbert has sent out an angry letter... and the Corroon campaign has issued a curt response. Read all about it in the SE story below:
Herbert sends angry letter to Corroon... And the Corroon Campaign responds
The Tribune's Out of Context political blog is also all over this story, and asks some additional good questions too. The reader comments ain't half-bad either:
Herbert is En Fuego
As we always say here at Weber County Forum, "we love a good political scrap"; and it appears that's exactly what we've got.

So what about it O Gentle Ones?

"Is this a smear campaign? Has Corroon crossed the line here? And is the governor rightly indignant?"

Who will be the first to take a shot at answering Trib columnist/blogger Robert Gehrke's probing (and logical) questions?


blackrulon said...

This is just the type of sleazy underhanded dirty crooked campaigning to be expected from a candidate that did not graduate from LDS seminary.

Tired said...

Republicans have NO qualms whatsoever for waging a dirty campaigns. Look at our own "Ogden's Little Nixon" and the Congressional Republicans on the national level. Republicans are usually the first ones to launch dirty campaigns.

Please note, however, Corroon is NOT campaigning in a "dirty" way. Maybe you could say it's negative campaigning, but he's got to expose Herbert for what he is. People need to know the facts. If that means saying negative things, so be it. Now that Herbert is caught he's all sour grapes. Poor Herbie.

Curmudgeon said...

The below from the SL Trib political blog:

"First, during his press conference on Monday, Lt. Gov. Greg Bell was asked by AP's finest, Brock Vergakis, what was factually incorrect with the information in the 57-page memo the Corroon campaign released and he said there weren't factual errors..."

That pretty much says what needs to be said, I think. Who are you going to believe? Gov. "Thirty Pieces of Silver" Herbert or your lyin' eyes?

Google Oogle said...

You can't hide your lyin' eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise
I thought by now you'd realize
There ain't no way to hide you lyin' eyes

Val Southwick said...

Next to me, Gary Herbert is the most honest man I know; and I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

Mary L. said...

I think "pay for play" IS a campaign issue.
I also would like to know what Herberts office has done as far as covering up and mitigating the actions of his serial Woman Stalker son.

Ethics matter.

Herb said...

Ethics smethics Mary, it isn't lyin if you're doing the Lord's work like me and your leaders in the legislature.
We are doing for you, and the least you could do is just shut up and mark your ballots this November like the lord's anointed directs you to do. Meanwhile quite your whining, it is not becoming of a good wifely helpmate.

BAT_girl said...

WOW........The comments on this WCF adventure are so diverse, hard to know where to start.

Like HERB:........your comment was IRONIC........right? Since Curm had said it all, you decided just to be funny?

BAT_girl said...


This coming MON evening, at WSU there will be a:


DATE: MON 9.20.2010
TIME: 6PM- 7:30PM

Since the WILDCAT THEATER only has 300 seats, come early. Bring a friend. Prepare you questions in advance.

BAT_girl said...


THE WILDCAT THEATER holds 220 people sitting.

Herb said...

Bat Girl, I don't iron, that is women's work. Just mark your ballot like the lord, through his spokesMEN on earth, tells you to do. How hard could it be to find the R's and put a mark by their names?

Charles In Charge said...

Mark Shirtless is going to investigate why he was out of the llop on a 13 million dollar payout.

Dan S. said...

Today's S-E has an article about Petersen Inc., one of the companies that met with Herbert, gave him a campaign contribution, and then got a big GOED tax credit. Does anyone know if this is the same as Petersen Advantage, which gave $5000 to Godfrey's campaign in 2007?

JJ Hunsinker said...

“Ignorance allied with power is the most
ferocious enemy justice can have”

James Baldwin

Danny said...

My take is that the Herbert letter was a "hail Mary" attempt to get Corroon to stop making an issue of Herbert's overt corruption.

But Peter Corroon did not take the bait. Indeed, he zinged it back at Herbert, that it is a valid campaign issue, which it is.

Corroon is not only a good guy, he has brass too.

Danny said...

In committing a violation of WCF policy, I re-post this from the SLTrib blog. It is exceptional. Oh, to live among people who can write like this!

Hoplite says:

As Mr. Gehrke led up to within his prologue, nowhere in Herbert’s letter does he cite phrases and details of Corroon's to repudiate “factual errors.” Governor Herbert's letter is playbook political rhetoric in adapted verbiage.

Paragraph two commits the fallacy of Cirulus in Probando: such that, his years of public service and that of his minions and business associates are proof to him and his associates that their integrity is without question and as such conflict of interest questions directed at them have no merit.

The third paragraph the commits the Non-anticipation fallacy, stating that because Corroon is not adhering to Herbert’s definition of “clean campaign”, discussions of conflict-of-interest within government positions should out of bounds from debate.

Petitio Principii seems to appear in Paragraph Four and continues past Five when the question to the validity for “pay for play” and purports its falsity because it would cause reputational damage of business and governmental leaders.

Furthermore, the fallacy of Special Pleading made in Paragraphs 2 and 6 as also a conclusion in the letter essentially reiterates (to argumentum ad nauseam) that he and “16 businesses and community leaders” deserve exemption from ethics scrutiny, because their social status and relationships (“reputation”) to the state of Utah and country at-large deserve to be protected.

Multi famam, conscientiam pauci verentur

Danny's translation of last sentence: There are many who fear the result of having a poor reputation, but in truth, few of those do so because they have an actual conscience.


RudiZink said...

"Sola lingua bona est lingua mortua."

(The only good language is a dead language.)


fed up with charlatans said...

Poor old dumbass Gary Herbert, the Realtor/Guvernator.

1) He opposes campaign finance limits;
2) He supports full candidate donation disclosure, however ;
3) He says Utah voters should draw their own conclusions;
4) And then when Utahns take him up on his offer and examine his behavior and logically conclude he's taking bribes...

He whines and screams like the little Drama Queen he is.

Tea Partier # 2510 said...

Here's A CLUE, WCF readers. We need to remove all Realtors, (and all those greedy suckups who depend on Realtors for their dirty paychecks) from the Utah Legislature.

Sorry, Rudi. That includes removing your GOP buddy Gage Froerer.

Sidney Falco said...

If you want to make a difference, don't vote for the good old boy (Herbert) and his corrupt administration.

Stop complaining if you are going to go along with this again.

We need to affect serious change in our state. Get off of your duffs and bring in a new era in politics.

Ozboy said...

Tea Partier # 2510

Now there is something from the Tea Party I can whole heartedly agree with!

The Realtor/Developer industry has gained control of both houses and the Governor's office in recent years and they have re-written most of the land use legislation to benefit themselves to the detriment of the citizens.
They are one of the main contributors to the current collapse in housing values and the rise of foreclosures. Their greed and arrogance continues unchecked to this day.

Throw all the realtor associated bums out - especially Froerer, Bell and Herbert.

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