Thursday, September 02, 2010

DNews: The Deseret News Is a Newspaper for the Future

That's what they're sayin', ha, ha, ha

This morning's Deseret News finally gets around to formally announcing its revolutionary make-over this morning, about which various folks have been speculating on WCF over the past several weeks. Here's the lowdown, such as it is:
The Deseret News is a newspaper for the future
Looks like the DNews has fired its most of its most talented talented print media journalists, and is now filling the massive gap with lightweight KSL TeeVee News journalists (so-called,) and LDS Church flaks.

They're gonna be "innovative," they say. LOL.

As an added bonus, and in aid of adding additional grist for the WCF discussion mill, here are a few random "takes" from the World-wide Webosphere:
McEntee: Day One at the new Deseret News
Huffingtom Post: Deseret News Slashing Newsroom In Half
SL Weeky: Dnews discovers the Internet
Pink Banana: Utah’s Deseret News Takes Final Steps to End Run as Mainstream Newspaper
So what say our gentle readers about this?


Tired said...

Sorry, any news organization owned by "The Church" cannot really be a legitimate news organization, no matter how "innovative" they want to be.

Curious 1 said...

Any news from the Fox Network has to be verified from another source.

Monotreme said...


The link you posted doesn't work.

This one does.

RudiZink said...

Thanks, Mono. I've now repaired the dead link.

Dave said...

The DNews has actually been a pretty good and balanced news paper. Hopefully they will continue on with that. It is a little concerning that their announcements so far indicate they are going to be targeting a world wide Mormon audience which could alter their quality in the future.

In any event, it is a very difficult market for news organizations these days and I am hopeful that they find the right mix to insure their continued existence.

Monotreme said...

That's okay, Rudi.

The "fixed" one is just as dead as before, in terms of meaningful content.

Danny said...

Gay blog called "Pink Banana"?

Some double entendre.

It's interesting that due to a fall owing to a lack of content, the DN announcement is also .... lacking in content.

Yeah, that's a change, right.

Ozboy said...

This on that from today's Rolly column in the SLTrib:

"So perhaps it’s appropriate that in the very story Thursday boasting of its (DNews) march out of the wilderness, the newspaper’s leader was identified as “Desert News president and CEO” Clark Gilbert.

The misspelling of the paper’s own name in the story about its new innovations may be a result of axing most of the copy desk, a newspaper institution that has certainly saved my bacon a number of times.

But, hey, that is so 20th century."

Fact Checker said...

Rolly has balls. Not as large as some, but balls nevertheless.

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