Monday, September 20, 2010

Two 2010 Election Events Set For This Evening

Tonight: A Peter Corroon Open House on the WSU campus; and a KUED-televised US Senate candidate debate

For those political wonks who are eagerly following the 2010 General Election runup, we'd like to announce a couple of events which you might want to put on today's calender:

1) In case you missed it in one of our lower comments sections, Gentle Reader Eleanor informs us that Democratic Party Gubernatorial Candidate Peter Corroon will be on the Weber State campus this evening, where WSU’s College Democrats are hosting a meet the candidate open house:

IT ain't over 'til the Fat Lady sings.
So come on out, tomorrow night, to the:

DATE: MON 9.20.2010
TIME: 6PM- 7:30PM

Since the WILDCAT THEATER only has 220 seats, come early. Bring a friend. Prepare your questions in advance.
Again, this is a PUBLIC meeting. You do not have to live in Weber County to attend.
And the Salt Lake Tribune's political blog, Political Cornflakes, announces this evening's television event:

Senate race: The latest Dan Jones Poll for the D News and KSL shows Republican Mike Lee with a massive lead over Democrat Sam Granato. So far Granato's claim that Lee is too extreme is not sticking.
The D News/KSL poll also asked who voters would have picked if Sen. Bob Bennett ran as an independent and Lee came out ahead of Bennett 37 to 32.
If you want to check out the KUED [Granato/Lee] debate, it airs tonight at 8 p.m. MST. Or you can just check it out online.
(As to the latter debate event, please note that we've added the prerecorded video tape to our right sidebar election module.)

That's it for now, as we move to within 43 days of the 11/2/10 Election.

Chime in on either of the above topics, or consider this an open topic thread.

Update 9/21/10 10:00 a.m.: The Standard-Examiner carries a post event writeup this morning on the Corroon meet the candidate event:
Corroon fields questions / Gubernatorial candidate addresses issues involving federal government


Jon M. said...

"The latest Dan Jones Poll for the D News and KSL shows Republican Mike Lee with a massive lead over Democrat Sam Granato. So far Granato's claim that Lee is too extreme is not sticking." - Dan Jones Poll

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." - H. L. Mencken

BAT_girl said...

Thanks for posting, Rudi.

See lots of you at the WILDCAT THEATER tonight @ 6pm. on WSU campus in Ogden, in the Student Union building.

ozboy said...

Watched part of the debate on TeeVee between Grenato, Lee and the other guy who are running for the Senate.

It was pretty pathetic. Lee won it hands down in spite of being the evil Republican Tea Party candidate.

Grenato was pathetic. The poor man has absolutely no charisma and is a lousy debater. The only thing he could come up with - repeatedly - is "I'm a businessman"

The "other guy" wasn't bad, but his main schtick was demonstrating that he can recite long passages from the constitution.

Lee kicked their asses - unfortunately. My guess is that as the campaign progresses, and people see more of Grenato, Lee will increase his already considerable lead and win it going away.

Now how's that for a ballsy prediction here in GOP land!

Tired said...

Ozboy: Well, all I can say is the people of Utah will get what they deserve.

Ken O. Williams said...

Going along with Ozboy, these early debates, or so-called schticks, aren't worth a lot. Same questions, same answers, different colored suits. They do seem to seperate the also rans and wannabes early on in the process, however.

What surprises me is that the blog has NO article on the 3 businesses coming to town, 2 at The Junction and 1 on the East side of Washington. Might not be an 800 employee plant, but it seems like it's a retail start for downtown.

Dave said...

Ken O

What new businesses? Has the Standard covered them? Tell us all about it, Ogden seems hurting for some good news for a change.

Tired x 2 said...

I hear ya "Tired"...the price the unrighteous must pay to live in the land of Zion AND before anyone has a chance to say it - yes, I know that if we don't like the status quo we are free to go many times have I heard that!

The crap starts at the top and dribbles-down on all our heads but
way too many don't seem to mind it enough to try and change things. Aw yes, the status quo, Utah State Legislature, the Gov, our beloved mayor, UTA, WFRC and the list goes on ad nauseum.

Keep the faith brother (whoops, wrong word) things canonly get worse, unfortunately.

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