Sunday, September 05, 2010

Let the Wasatch Front Regional Council Know That "Harrison Blvd is NOT Ogden's Belt Loop!"

If you don't want Harrison Blvd. to be widened for MORE auto traffic, send an e-mail now!

By Brandon Chase Bell

The Wasatch Front Regional Council is currently updating it's Regional Transportation Plan, and is accepting public comment- but only, as we understand currently, until this coming Thursday, September 9, 2010!

One of the potential recommendations in this plan is the widening of Harrison Boulevard for MORE auto traffic, to potentially a 7 lane "regional arterial" type road. In addition to our support for a 25th-Harrison streetcar, the Trolley District opposes this part of the plan. - We know of no one in Ogden who is supportive of widening Harrison for more auto traffic. - However, there has been VERY little public awareness of this plan, or local public process, to gauge the public will about widening Harrison for more auto-traffic to become a potentially 7-lane "regional arterial."

We can use this opportunity to show your support for a 25th-Harrison streetcar/transit line, as transit is part of what is being considered in this plan as well as for not widening Harrison for more auto-traffic. (Based on other designs in other cities, any widening would only need to be minimal for transit on Harrison, if the line is engineered correctly, and would mostly need to be for just the stops- not at all the same type of drastic widening all along Harrison we are talking about with this WFRC plan).

If you don't want Harrison to be widened for MORE auto traffic, and potentially turning into a 7 lane auto arterial send an e-mail to Sam Klemm at the Wasatch Front Regional Council, and cc Pam Jorgensen on that email. This is a VERY easy way to help fulfill the civic responsibility we all share to participate in our communities and the local decision making process. As the time left for public comment is so brief, ('til next Thursday) please do this as soon as you read this e-mail and don't delay by resolving to do it later. Please act NOW. Here is a simple message, that you can put in your own words if you would like, or copy into your e-mail:

"Put the Downtown-WSU transit line up 25th Street and along Harrison, and don't widen ANY of Harrison for more auto traffic--not even the parts to the north or south--except to accommodate transit."
Here is Sam Klemm at the Wasatch Front Regional Council's address along with Pam Jorgenson, who should be cc'ed in your email to Sam:

Sam Klemm:
(Public Information Officer)

Pam Jorgensen:
(Administrative Assistant)
(she makes sure Sam gets the emails, etc)- so cc' her on your email.

Please take the simple step of sending an email now!

Thanks for your support,


Editor's addendum: For additional information about this issue, please visit this Harrison Blvd is NOT Ogden's Belt Loop Group Facebook page, and read the text provided in the center column:
Facebook - Harrison Blvd is NOT Ogden's Belt Loop!
Let's all get crackin' on Brandon's suggested email campaign, folks. With three days remaining for public input, we wouldn't want to see another bone-headed and bureaucrat-concocted project inadvertently shoved down the Emerald City Lumpencitizens' throats!


Ogden Observer said...

This is a very important article. This is one reason I read this blog. I will send in a comment.

ozboy said...

What is a reasonable alternative to Harrison becoming a "belt loop" similar to what 7th east in SLC is?

And if Harrison does meet this fate, does that mean there will be a wholesale removal of houses and businesses along the street?

Jackson said...

Yes, it does mean exactly that - but also a missed opportunity to turn Harrison into a streetcar route, that serves both cars and public transit- and well as the passing on the chance to turn it into a 'complete street'

See our Facebook group "Harrison is NOT Ogden's Belt Loop" for more info on complete streets.

googlegirl said...

"Complete Streets":

National Complete Streets Coalition

Just curious said...

Other than the cost, and I doubt the City would bare its entirety, what's so bad about widening Harrison so that traffic flows better along that artery?

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