Friday, September 10, 2010

Riverdale Sam Granato Meetup on Sept. 11

Tell your friends--we'd love to see a nice turnout!

By John Miles

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that tomorrow, Saturday the 11th, Sam Granato will be attending an event at 4 pm at Golden Spike Park in Riverdale (1260 West 5050 South, behind the Target Store). My union chapter is hosting an event (not a fundraiser) for federal employees. We recently acquired more space, so we will be welcoming the public to attend. We will be asking him questions about same-sex health benefits, proposals to repeal the 14th and 16th amendments, and other issues. There will also probably be plenty of time to meet-and-greet. We will be having a social beforehand, starting at 3pm, if you'd like to attend that as well. Tell your friends--we'd love to see a nice turnout!

Sorry for the short notice. Thanks!

John Miles
NTEU Chapter 67

Special note to all 2010 election candidates of all parties: Submit details of your upcoming campaign events for posting here.


Danny said...

Hey John Miles,

You say you'll be asking about same sex health benefits, and repeal of the 14th and 16 amendments.

Huh? Tell me more . . .

If you're nay, yeah, and yeah, maybe I'll be there.

What will it cost us said...

Danny, keep drinking the Kool-Aid and voting the same low thinkers come Novemeber.

We need a change and the Democrates can only change when elected to balance out Utah.

Grannato is a business man that can bring more jobs and common sense to Utah. Maybe even try to bring good brew and attract more progressive thinkers to reside here.

I definately don't want my current Republicians appointing my Seantors. Hell Buttars might represent the whole state with his Eagle Forum connections. Please give us moderate voters a good choice and Granatto is the current one.

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