Friday, September 10, 2010

Salt Lake Tribune: ATK to Create 800 Jobs at New Utah Facility

Meanwhile our own BizWiz Godfrey lands a 5 man headquarters for a ski company that peaked 40 years ago

By Ozboy

Clearfield, which has traditionally been no more than a pimple on Ogden's butt, lands a huge Aerospace operation that will hire over 802 people in high paying jobs, spend over a $100 million to build the facility and pump over a Billion $$$$ over twenty years into the economy of Davis County:
ATK to create 800 jobs at new Utah facility
ATK to add 800 jobs at new Davis composites facility
Meanwhile our own BizWiz Godfrey lands a 5 man headquarters for a ski company that peaked 40 years ago. No new local hires by the way.

Aren't ya just simply proud of the little feller and his 2 million buck a year Economic Development Team?!


RBW said...

I am in my late 20's and am an avid skier and snowboarder. I have never even heard of the Hart brand before this news story. Leave it to Godfrey to bring a ski company that no one has ever heard of to Ogden and call it a success.

Danny said...


Unfortunately, part of each of these stories was left off.

"Both state and company representatives stated that the primary driver for the move to Clearfield was sister city Ogden's reputation as an outdoor Mecca."

"We had to locate here, due to the booming outdoor buzz," said one representative. "Mayor Godfrey is doing a super job."

"It's all good," said local blogger Curmudgeon. "Godfrey's positioning us as an outdoor Mecca was pure genius, and is really paying off. Good on Godfrey and good on Ogden."

"Local bankers agreed. "Godfrey's borrow and spend has really increased our fees and profits," one said. "It's going to kill the city in a few years to pay off all this debt, but most of us hope to be transferred by then."

The mayor of Clearfield was unaware of the move. "We don't have a business development office to speak of. We just make sure taxes stay low and we try to keep our bureaucrats out of people's business. It seems to work. Does anybody know what time city council meeting is?"

Yes, so many things wind up on the editing room floor.

Dave said...


Congratulations on your two hundred grand a year position as the new Godfrey's spin miester!

Your first efforts herein are superb, with stuff like this you are sure to fit in with the Godfreyite's leadership.

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