Wednesday, September 08, 2010

UT GOP Chooses Log Cabin Republican for State Race

This is definitely very interesting:
UT GOP chooses Log Cabin (read gay) Republican for state race
Go figure.

Too funny, no?


ozboy said...


I don't think this is any funnier than the Weber Republicans running a known Democrat carpetbagger named Stuart Read as a Senate candidate.

I would lot sooner have a fruiter in the Senate than a disingenuous and incompetent jerk like Reid, who after all will only represent the Godfreyite interests if he is elected.

I urge all thinking Republicans in Weber County to consider Reid's sleaze factor and vote for Betty Sawyer.

I Wanna Know said...

I wonder what GOP homophobe Senator Chris Buttars thinks about this political development.

Anonymous said...

There are just as many gay Republican elected officials as there are Democrat.

The difference is in the hypocrisy.

blackrulon said...

Will a openly gay Republican follow the party line and vote against all gay rights legislation?

viktor said...


Well that gay Republican might not follow the line, but I bet he will blow it!

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