Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Morning HB477 News Roundup -UPDATED

Update: As some are prone to say in Utah- HB477 was "repilled"

Okay people. Governor Herbert's HB477 repeal bill has been drafted; it's been placed on today's calender; and Herbert is confident that it will be passed in today's special session:
In a curious twist, original HB477 sponsor John Dougall is sponsoring the repeal bill in the house, bringing down the ax on his original legislation, all the while still insisting that HB477 was nevertheless a danged good idea:

And adding to the circus atmosphere, GOP tea-party darling Jason Chaffetz, the guy who sets the gold standard for Utah GOP "conservatism," came to town yesterday and stuck his thumb in the eyes of Governor Herbert and neoCON Utah GOP legislative "leadership," by signing the petition to put the repeal of HB 477 on the ballot:

“Why fix something that isn’t broken?” Chaffetz said. “Had I been governor, I would have vetoed it.”

Gotta love dat Chaffetz guy, no?

Update 3/25/11 4:50 p.m.: (Per Al) ... As some are prone to say in Utah- it was "repilled":


Al said...

As some are prone to say in Utah- it was repilled.

Anonymous said...

Hey Curm or Rudi, who's party get credit for the biggest idiot north of Provo? Stuart Reid. Despite everything this dolt voted against repeal.

Dorrene Jeske said...

Rep. Dougall says that his purpose for sponsoring HB 477 was to promote communication concerning Utah’s GRAMA law. What a bunch of croc! If citizens had not made such an uproar and protested the passage of HB 477, we would be stuck with the most disgusting piece of legislation passed in Utah history, and they would be celebrating right now.

It is clear from most of the legislators’ attitude and comments that they still want the restrictions on all GRAMA requests that were in the original HB 477.

Gov. Herbert has proposed repealing HB 477 and said that he wants people’s confidence in Utah’s lawmakers regained. I have news for him: We can not trust the current legislators, and will need to watch very closely everything they do. They have given us no reason to trust and respect them or to have confidence in them to do the right and ethical thing.

We will not have change in the way business is done on Capitol Hill until we vote for change in legislators.

Bill C. said...

Sorry guys, my functions are still very rusty. I did not intend to post as annon in the previous post.

Little Mouse at City Hall said...

Hey, Anonymous,

Reid was just following Godfrey's orders, after all that's why he is there -- to vote as Godfrey tells him. Godfrey hopes that HB 477 is going to save him from being embarrassed by being caught in a lie when he has to reveal that he doesn't have the donors for his fieldhouse in his reply to Dan's GRAMA request.

Curmudgeon said...


The Hon. [?] Senator Reid ran as, and was elected as, a Republican. He's all theirs now, Bill.

And of course he's a Godfreyista and FOM from way back before the flatland gondola obsession days.

I'd like to give a little nod to Sen. Urquart who, following Noel and Waddoups and the boys blaming it all on the press, said this on the record: " “We messed up. It is nobody’s fault but ours.”"

Thank you, Senator. Appreciate the honesty.

Curmudgeon said...

SL Trib story reports the following from Speaker of the House Lockhart:

“I’m not interested in having us go out there and publicly flog ourselves over this issue with speech after speech, ‘Oh, we’re so sorry, et cetera, et cetera,’ ” she told colleagues in a caucus before the House vote. “I believe that’s beneath the dignity of the House.”

The dignity of the House, Speaker Lockhart, derives from its passing prudent, carefully considered and well-received laws.

It is disturbing that even now, after all that has happened, Speaker Lockhart seems not to understand that.

Danny said...

This HB477 episode is an example of what we are seeing in the universality of leadership stupidity. As I have said, the stupidity of Godfrey is a hackneyed microcosm of the larger collective.

See this video. Note that China is a larger fractal of which Ogden is only a smaller fractal (repeating pattern.)

Government projects stand empty, do not pay for themselves, and the solution is still more government projects.

Empty buildings in downtown Ogden after millions spent on government planned projects. Solution is seen as more of the same.

Stupidity in an ever widening gyre forming an ever larger, repeating pattern. Godfrey is a small hack. The legislature is a larger pool of hacks in a still larger sea of them. Note how this video is so eerily reminiscent of the Earnshaw Building and the River District.

It is all the same thing. The destination for all is the same.

Click on link below, scroll down, and play video.

Downtown Ogden on Larger Fractal Scale

Bill C. said...

Well Curm, I just have to let you know howw giddy this one little victory has me. All these years in Utah and finally the good guys get one.
Since I know that you and I share the same pleasure of holding our reading material in one hand and a beverage in the other, I got to tell you what a joy Thursday morning was. Our local fishwrapper might have been the best it's been in years, so much material taking these arrogant reps to task. Even Charlie's column had some bite and disgust in it. Quite a fine morning at the ol roast beanery.

Curmudgeon said...


Yes, it feels good to win one now and then, doesn't it? Reading the papers yesterday and again this morning, noticed that even Free Lunch realized the ship was sinking and it was time to toss HB 477 over the side and vote for naked repeal. I've been enjoying thinking about what a poopstorm of criticism the Hon. [?] Rep. Dee must have run into in the final days to move him off the dime into the repeal column. A mere 48 hours ago, he was still defending HB 477 and opposing repeal. Must have occurred to him, if he didn't come over, he might have to buy his own meals [like the rest of us] after the next election. No more 100 plus lobbyist paid for lunches, dinners, parties to choose from every legislative session --- so many that, he told the Trib, he couldn't remember which lobbyist paid for what meal, so they couldn't therefor have affected his votes [Yes, he actually said that].

Still chuckling at the comment of one House member that his own family was on his case to vote for repeal.

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