Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ogden Approves Amended Anti-discrimination Ordinances

A rare Ogden City Council "Kumbayah Moment," wherein almost everyone seems happy with a "compromised" outcome

Both the Salt Lake Tribune and the Standard are reporting that the Ogden City Council passed amended anti-discrimination ordinances last night, thus avoiding an earlier-threatened Boss Godfrey veto:
Since both newspapers are reporting this story as something of a rare Ogden City Council "Kumbayah Moment," wherein almost everyone seems happy with the "compromised" outcome, we'll resist the temptation to go against the flow and hammer the all-too-obvious argument that last night's two amendments leave "holes" in the ordinances gaping enough to drive a whole fleet of Mack Trucks through.


Poole said...

Religionists are anti-freedom when in groups.
Delusional nut jobs, all of them.

Curmudgeon said...

OK, Rudi, if you're going let it pass, I'll pitch in [mostly a cross-post from the SE comments]:

From the SE story:

The revised ordinance exempts the city from the regulation so as not to trigger a state law that would allow those who claim they have been discriminated against to seek unlimited attorney fees from the municipality, said City Attorney Gary Williams.

Odd. I seem to recall people, often conservatives, ranting on and on about how awful it is that Congress regularly exempts itself and its members from laws it passes affecting the rest of us. And how awful it is that the Utah legislature occasionally does the same. But somehow, this time, because homophobic preachers and mayors want it, it's not only not a problem for Ogden to exempt itself from the rules that apply to landlords, employers, etc. it's "necessary" and something to be "proud" of.

Then there's this from the SE story: The amended ordinance says religious or deeply held beliefs can't be the sole basis for determining discrimination. Those expressions of beliefs are also exempt from the ordinances provided they don't become severe or pervasive.

OK, and who exactly is it who is going to decide if some homophobic screaming rant by someone working next to you springs from a "religious" or "deeply held" belief? Are courts or the city attorney now to examine whether what someone does on the job is truly motivated by faith? Do we really want the city attorney or a judge wrestling with determining if your or my or anyone's belief is sufficiently religious to exempt them from following an ordinance? Or if a non-religious belief is "deeply held" enough to trigger an exemption?

The Council has, I'm afraid, wimped out yet again, and taken a straight forward ordinance reasonably well-designed to prevent discrimination in the work place and in housing and muddled it into a vague and ill-defined mess to appease a homophobic mayor and a few homophobic ministerial ranters.

If Gov. Herbert manages to locate a backbone anytime soon --- I know, I know, it's not likely, but in case he does --- perhaps he'd be kind enough to call the Ogden City Council and tell them where he found it. They're in need of the same.

Brad Dee said...

I'm VERY HAPPY that the "revised and amended ordinances" provided me yet another excuse to express my religious bigotry.


Brad "Free Lunch' Dee

FemBot said...

Some one has to say it: i am sorry; it is so obvious the Mayor is a closeted homosexual.

A few people with "gaydar" have commented on how totally not really into girls he is, and how you can tell, just by watching him smile and walk, that he is 100 % gay.

Not cute, not handsome, not clever, not charming,... only gay.


Abraham, Blake, Bobby, Curt and Cavendish said...



ozboy said...

I have thought of a lot of possibilities over the last 6 years to truly describe the mayor, but gay? No way. Just because he looks and acts like PeeWee Herman, don't make him a fruiter. Worlds most incompetent dealster - a definite and resounding yes, Most arrogant and dumb politician in Utah - he's for sure in the running, light in the jeans - probably, Gay? like I said - no way.

Other than those reported sightings of Matt and Stu, in a clinch, in drag, in the john at the KoKoMo, there have been no verifiable reports of the mayor having aberrant sexual leanings.

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