Saturday, March 19, 2011

Utah Legislative GOP Begin "Eating Their Own"

They're not half bad eatin' either, provided you add the right "special" sauce

For those who missed the late night reporting in last night's comments section, yesirree, THEY (the Utah legislative GOP) are indeed "eating their own" (they're not half bad eatin' either, provided you add the right "special" sauce). KSL news provided the first rumblings of this scrumptious "non-gourmet menu item" last night...
And the Salt Lake Tribune carries a generously fleshed out full serving this morning (with all the trimmins, YUM)...
We'll definitely be keeping our eye on what seems to be a fast developing intra-Utah GOP (classic family buffet-style) mini-civil war.

And yes: We definitely crack ourself up.


Curmudgeon said...

Particularly interesting in the KSL report is this: a new Dan Jone's poll reveals that "89 percent of Utahns call the process to pass the GRAMA bill 'not appropriate;' 8 percent thought it was OK."

And yet, KSL reports, the Ogden area's own Rep. Free Lunch Dee continues to insist there was nothing wrong with the process by which HB 477 was hustled through with minimal scrutiny late in the session, and he continues to oppose repeal.

Next election, voters will have a chance to tell Free Lunch he'll have to buy his own meals for the next two years... like the rest of us.

RudiZink said...

Looks like Rep. "Free Lunch" Dee has been assigned the task of serving as the "Bramhart leadership faction's" "sacrificial lamb."

No doubt Lockhart regards this oafish party hack as a "useful (but expendable) idiot."

Anti said...

The anti incumbent fever might not last in Utah until 2012, but it will certainly be evident in 2011.

Mayor "Goatse" Godfrey?
The ultimate sleazy insider.

Little Pippi Longstocking said...

The sudden revival of Utah Fascist self-cannibalism is always a good sign. Let's hope these two politically-greedy and corrupt competing fascist factions gobble up the very last morsels of themselves before the middle of the summer.

And I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

ozboy said...

This joint statement by these four bobble heads from Southern Utah is just sooooo typically Republican and disingenuous! Even in owning up to their getting caught scamming the public with this ill advised HB477, they still have to cloak their perfidy in a big lie!! Instead of just leaving it at the fact they got busted in the middle of their crime, they blame the Media for all the problems. You see, they really didn't do anything wrong, it was the messengers who brought it to the public's attention who are the bad guys here.

From their statement:

“The firestorm created by the media and others has resulted in a very contentious situation. It has come to the point that friends, neighbors and supporters do not understand the Legislature’s position, resulting in damage to personal relationships as well as distrust in the public process.”

So once more we get another lie from these shameless Republicans instead of just a clean "sorry, we will try to do better in the future".

For these political hacks to blame the media for their heavy handed and criminal mistake is very much like the rapist who blames his victims. It is a very sociopathic trait for sure.

Moroni McConkie said...

I'm loving every minute of this gaudy, gorgeous HB477 Grand Guignol.

But the proof of the pudding will be, ultimately, whether the Utah electorate returns all of these great Republican patriots to their seats in 2012. Of course it will. As it is now constituted, Utah is incapable of learning from this debacle.

And even Utah's aggrieved press will no doubt show it learned nothing from this, come 2012. Doug @PoliticalSurf Gibson's Standard will again endorse Herbert in 2012. (What, you entertain delusions that Gibson would endorse some infidel Democrat?)

Dan S. said...

Moroni: The S-E seems to want to give at least the appearance of being bipartisan in its endorsements. Last year it endorsed Democrats Granato, Sawyer, and Wicks. But in a Republican state during a Republican wave election, none stood a chance. Now the S-E says it may make primary endorsements next time around, in order to be somewhat relevant.

But HB 477 isn't an especially partisan issue. GRAMA was originally sponsored by a Republican, and plenty of Republicans now say they want to repeal HB 477. I think the S-E and the rest of the media will do their best to keep this issue alive through the next election cycle and support viable candidates who are for open records, insofar as such candidates can be found.

Curmudgeon said...

Former Utah House Republican member Sheryl Allen has an op-ed piece in today's SL Trib, supporting Rep. Powell's claim that he feared his bills would be killed by the House leadership if he didn't quietly knuckle under and vote for HB 477. Happens all the time, says Allen, and her op-ed piece gives examples. Worth a look.

ozboy said...

We should be so lucky as to have all Republican politicians in Utah that were as smart and honest as Sheryl Allen and Dorrene Jeske.

It is too bad that both are now out of office, they are a dying breed of Republicans with ethics.

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