Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Standard-Examiner: Wasn't There Another Ogden Mayoral Candidate Mentioned in Today's Paper?

All this speculation about a "weakened" Godfrey, etc.

By: John "Pureheart" Patterson

Wasn't there another Ogden Mayoral candidate mentioned in today's paper?
All this speculation about a weakened Godfrey seems to suggest NOW is the time for someone in this WCF cabal to file for Mayor and give it a run.


Ralph Becker said...

GFY, "PureHeart"

Eat me.

RudiZink said...

Good point so far, "Pureheart."

Looks like you're still the "World's Worst Loser," as usual.


blackrulon said...

I find it typical of the Godfrey Administration to suggest that only certain actions qualify someone to comment on city administration. According to Mr. Patterson only candidates for office are qualified to have an opinion on city administration. At other times he or his minions have suggested that having a differing view on city building and bonding practices is only allowed if you have a met their criteria, being a business owner, builder or realator. Apparently it is much too difficult for them to allow a mere Ogden city taxpayer to voice an opinion. Besides "Pureheart" there is a very good possibility that you will be unemployed after the next municipal election.

Curmudgeon said...

While I have grave doubts that the real Pureheart Patterson would stoop to commenting on WCF, I have to admit to a sneaky little thrill to learn from the post that I'm, as are we all, part of a cabal!


Here I thought I was just a lowly naysayer and suddenly it seems I've been promoted to Cabal Member.

Now that calls for a celebration, I'd say. I wonder what time McCool's opens?

Rasputin J. Svengali said...

We are considering forming a cpac to create focus groups to decide whether or not we will form an ad hoc steering committee to investigate whether or not a organisation to elect is justified.

Look for the findings on your desk by 10 o'clock tomorrow.

Curmudgeon said...


You didn't say so, but I presume the findings are intended to be only preliminary.

Johnny Patterson said...

Cabal: "a small group of secret plotters, as against a government or person in authority."
Synonym: "junta"

The above was taken from Dictionary.com and it certainly fits the anti-Godfrey group here on the WCF. It is no "promotion," Curm, merely a definition, supported by hundreds of anti-Godfrey postings over the years. Don't get caught up in verbal volleyball, here...one of you toss your hat into the ring, BlackRulon for instance (he's always in the know and tells the few WCF dissenters what it is they really mean and why things come out of the Administration the way they do-I wonder how many votes this guy would get?), or Disgusted, or RudiZink or Mr. Dave (David) Smith. Give it a go, people, and stand up publicly for your cause. You have basically laughed at the 3 candidates, reveled in your self proclaiming that the Godfrey vote is now most likely "diluted," so the time is ripe to either put up or shut up and try to unseat the Mayor.

Let's see if this "cabal" has any members with stones big enough to give it a go.

Dan S. said...


In what way is the "cabal" of WCF regulars secret? The discussions are all in public, I'm aware of no secret plots, and although a few of the identities aren't widely known, most are.

Curmudgeon said...

Ah, JP [if you are the real JP], jumping to conclusions unsupported by the evidence yet again.

For example: "You have basically laughed at the 3 candidates."


I've not laughed at any of the three named candidates to date, for example, and have commented on only one, Councilman Stephenson, which comments were based on his performance in office, looking in particular at his business judgment. You may disagree with what I said about him --- I expect you do --- but no laughing was involved. Officials in office running for election to the same or other offices have to expect that their record in office will be examined by voters like me. Comes with the territory.

I haven't said anything about the other two because I know nothing more about them than appeared in the articles announcing their candidacy. I try hold off drawing conclusions until I know something. The principle is called "research first, conclusions second." You guys ought to try it some time.

As for your quaint notion that critics of officeholders have some kind of obligation to run for office themselves... well, JP, don't know who taught you civics way back when, but if they taught you that, you ought to ask for a refund.

Here's how it works: people who think they'd be good at an elected job run for it. [I would make a poor mayor; whatever skills I have do not run to effective administration.] If they're elected, the electorate gets to look at their performance in office and applaud or hoot, as they think proper. Being critical does not obligate those doing it to run for the office themselves.

My opinion of the Mayor [based on his performance in office] is that (a) his business judgement is poor and (b) his grip on the standard of ethical conduct we should require of a public man is thin. I think I can defend both of those conclusions on the evidence. But drawing them in no way suggests that I would be a good candidate [I'd be a lousy candidate] or a good mayor if I ran and won [I'd be a poor mayor].

I'm not a professional ball player either, but if notice a Raptor's pitcher has an ERA of 11.78 or an outfielder is hitting .107, as a ticket buyer I get to comment on their inability to get the job done without my having to try out for the team next season.

[PS Know where I can get a good deal on "WCF CABAL MEMBER" tee shirts? ]

Johnny Patterson said...

It's just a word, Dan, and there are other definitions in which "secret" doesn't apply. I was stressing "government" here and most cabal members use made up names (Disgusted, BlackRulon,RudiZink, Curmudgeon, Rasputin, etc.).

Argue the issue instead of playing "verbal volleyball.". Run for Mayor.

Dan S. said...

JP: Curm has already explained why he isn't running for mayor; same applies to me.

Biker Babe said...

JP -- Just because you don't know who Rudi, Curm, BlackRulon, et al ... doesn't mean we don't know who they are



you who said...

Hey John, Why dont you run for Mayor? Or is it that the present Administration knows that their days are most likely numbered.

Just think, you can move to another city and ruin it, putting it into massive debt, while sucking on the teat you've grown to love and ravage.

You still have a few years left in you to complete the circuit of raping the taxpayers for incompetent leadership.

You may even find a new squeeze to lie about.

blackrulon said...

Curm-T-Shirts that say "WCF Cabal Member" would reveal our secret identities. My guess is that our special power is the ability to question elected officals concerning their performance. If we wear T-shirts are capes optional? When we have meetings of our secret cabals do we have to keep our eyes closed so as not to learn the other members real identity?


Blain Johnson for mayor! (or just another sock puppet?)

Dave said...

Two things "Johnny"

1. The real John Patterson is not likely to be posting on this site.

2. If he did, he would certainly come across more intelligently than you do with your pathetic attempt. He would be a lot less lame and pedantic.

In other words BG, you aren't clever enough to do a half way decent John Patterson imitation even after spending a couple of years with your head up his butt.

Curmudgeon said...


1. The real John Patterson is not likely to be posting on this site.


beaver said...

This is what slays me about the Godfreyites' mindset. If you question their judgment, policies, ideas, you are a naysayer and an obstructionist (whatever the hell that means.)

They say if you don't like the way things are, "Why don't you run for Mayor. What's your plan?"

I don't have to have a f**king plan. I'm not in public office. I didn't choose to run. I'm not responsible for the the public's funds or trust.

What I am is a voter and tax-paying citizen of Ogden. That gives me the right to question the ethics, conduct, and performance of the mayor, city council, or any other elected official who serves me.

Opposing stupidity is a grand idea, a perfect plan, in and of itself.

Johnny Patterson said...

Hosed down the hornet's nest, it seems.

"Obligated?" DIDN'T ever use that "quaint" word; just tossed out a thought.

T-shirts available at the mall.

By the by, I'm Johnny, not John.


Boy, you sure have outfoxed everyone, Bill G. You are smart! You're so smart, see if you can solve this riddle: what do you get when you cross a burned-out trust funder, a brain-dead Godfreyite REALTOR, an injector of an extremely dangerous substance for 30 years, and a sellout loser whose once storied family name is for shit? Well, you. Your devious blogging is awe-inspiring. I think you should run for mayor. Ooops, we all know how that turned out.

Same old Johnny said...

Fire, Bob, Dave, Whoever....what's wrong, guy? It's pretty early in the day for somebody to get so worked up over such, uh, stuff. I wonder how it feels to pack around a resentment like yours for all these years? Whatever, I'm glad it's not me for it's obvious that you lead a tedious and boring life. Just taking up space, huh. Well, move on, get to work and maybe you'll feel better.

Disgruntled Resident said...

Brandon Stephenson littered on my front yard, is accepting "campaign donations" (read: bribes) from businesses, is seeking to expand Godfrey's insane policing dreams, and is likely the most corrupt candidate on the ballot this year. Mr. Stephenson, please stay out of my neighborhood, stop wasting paper on your misleading campaign flyers, and go fuck yourself. Thank you.

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