Thursday, March 17, 2011

More HB 477 news...

Keep those cards and letters coming folks and don't forget when it comes time to consider this and other stunts as these folks as they come up for re-election...

By: Ray

story :
Here's the lede:
March 16th, 2011 @ 10:42pm
By Paul Nelson
SALT LAKE CITY -- A prominent state lawmaker is asking the state legislature to repeal HB477, a recently-passed law that will restrict the public's access to certain types of government information, like voice mails and text messages.

Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman, said Wednesday he believes GRAMA laws need to be changed, but he doesn't believe HB477 is the right law for that. He said he looked into what the bill would do to open records laws after he voted for it.
Also, Salt Lake Tribune editorial today headlined:
Keep those cards and letters coming folks and don't forget when it comes time to consider this and other stunts as these folks as they come up for re-election...


Curmudgeon said...

If the Gang of Three [Lockhart, Waddoups and Free Lunch Dee] have at least the sense god gave to an oyster [debatable, I know, since they're Utah Republicans], they'll have figured out by now that their best hope of damage control on HB 477 is to repeal the damn thing. Now.

They should look upon repeal as the first step in winning a revision of GRAMA that won't create the blowback this one did. Repeal HB 477 and then tackle revising GRAMA via the usual legislative process --- an interim joint committee to gather information, testimony, suggestions, and then prepare a bill for submission to the next regular session. That bill submitted, with text included, on opening day, to allow time for committee hearings, and debate, etc.

HB 477 is now so compromised that it cannot fail to continue to do damage to the leadership that tried to ram it through and provided their own members with false information about GRAMA and HB 477 to achieve that. HB 477 is now too compromised to save.

Repeal the damn thing and start over.

We'll see if they do have at least the intelligence god gave to an oyster and have figured that out. And whether Gov. Herbert has too.

Anonymous said...

some oysters are pretty smart....

ozboy said...

Oysters and Utah Legislators aren't even on the same scale when it comes to intelligence and problem resolution.

If the Oyster has an irritant stuck in it's craw it will make a pearl out of it.

If your average state legislator gets something in his craw he will try to make an overly broad carpet bombing new law which makes the original problem pale in comparison. In any event, the legislator will never come up with a jewel.

Rich G. said...

Hey you naysayers. I live downtown, and I want to have a big pool within walking distance so I have a place to the the kids for swim lessons.
I also want the cost of getting into the pool to be very low, so that I can go there regularly. It would be nice if the cost also is high enough to preclude the regular attendance of the undesirables.
I would like this all to be done for my family, on the backs of everyone else in the county if need be.

So buckle down, forces of mindless construction, and get the thing built already. I want to do laps.

A side question for the assembled: will G-String Bikinis be encouraged in this !HIGHADVENTURE! town?

B[ll C. said...

Curm, please stop trying to give oysters a bad name. As you know they have a more than adequate intelect for their calling and far more integrety than these republican lawmakers.

Curmudgeon said...


Jeez, OK, OK. My mail box has been jammed by protests from the AOAL [American Oysters Anti-defamation League]. I hereby apologize to any mollusks I may have inadvertently offended.

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