Sunday, March 27, 2011

Standard-Examiner: Double Dipping at Ogden City Police Department! - UPDATED

Greiner says: "I didn't do anything wrong"... And the beat goes on...

By: Biker Babe

Anonymous complaint cries: Double Dipping at Ogden City Police Department!
City Atty Williams says: "We were very careful to comply with all laws"... when he really means: "We were very careful to find all the loopholes and maximally utilize them for our (and FOM's) benefit."

And of course Greiner says: "I didn't do anything wrong."

And the beat goes on...



Update 3/29/11 10:23 a.m.: For those readers who've been standing by with abated breath, awaiting the posting of the above-linked "double dipping" story to the SE Live! (free) site, we're delighted to inform you that the story is now up in all its glory:
Have at it, O Gentle Ones.


Dan S. said...

Have any of these allegations against OPD been mentioned in the Standard-Examiner before? I know there was some state-wide discussion about double-dipping a while back, including plenty of mention of Greiner himself, but I don't recall reading about the lieutenants anywhere except Weber County Forum.

blackrulon said...

I find it interesting that the story is only available in the print edition and e-paper. It is not currently mentioned on the StandardNet web site. This of course means that readers cannot comment on the story. Many people who only read the newspaper online at StandardNet will not be aware of the story.

what a crock said...

Oh, and dont forget that the Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, and the Police Chief Secretary are all participants of this semi legal scam for the loyalists.

It was never available to any of the rank and file worker bees.

Curmudgeon said...


Yes, that is interesting. I tried to find the story on line after reading it in my paper edition.

It's the lead story of the Sunday morning paper, top of page one above the fold... and it's not available on the website.

I suppose it could be an attempt to encourage subscriptions [paper or e-edition] by holding back the most significant stories from the free website. It could be it will appear, only on delay, a day or more after it runs in the paper and e-editions. We'll have to see.

I notice the SL Trib is, it says, up-grading and expanding its website offerings but there's some back chatter over there that this is in prep for putting in a subscription screen for full access.

Be interesting to see if the double dip story eventually pops up, and is part of a "delay the hot stuff for non-subscribers" policy. As annoying as that may be for the freeloaders who subscribe to no version of the SE , I can't really criticize the paper for trying to find ways to charge for its content. Whether it will work or not is another matter.

One who honestly pays said...

Can't afford education but Utah can afford double dippers for the elite government employees, health care for life after 10 years in the legislature, and defending with tax payers funds those that were caught with open hands.

They all follow the law, but the law needs to change and be retroactive.

Just like GE making 14 Billion in profit and paying no income tax, these rats need to have the lights shown on them.

Curmudgeon said...

One Who:

Seems like a plank potential Mayoral candidates might want to include in their platforms: "Those who retire from city jobs and are rehired in them so they're getting their retirement pay from the city and full time pay as well will be let go and become retirees period if I'm elected."

Fireman Joe said...

The mayor wants city policy changed so all employee negotiations are handled by him telling his retired in place chiefs what will happen instead of having to deal with employee groups.

Danny said...

Nothing will change until things get so bad that it forces good people to run for office, instead of people like Godfrey who somebody like Greiner can play easily.

In other news, this is to me, the best tsunami video yet - well worth the full six minutes - the water just gets higher and higher.

Click Here


Anyone else hear the familiar echo around Ogden?
Quotes taken directly from the Utah Department of Public Safety Investigations:
Blain Johnson - "I know I didn't do anything wrong."
Blain Johnson - "I don't believe I did anything wrong."
Blain Johnson said he believed Friends of Northern Utah Real Estate was a legitimate organization, despite not being able to come up with the names of anyone associated with it.

Bill C. said...

This city seems to be run and functions more like a criminal enterprize than a local government providing the basic services to their residents, which is really all they should be engaged in.
Everything is right on or slightly one side or the other of the fine line of legality.
It seems nothing from a basic Grama request to a simple job filling can happen without having to go thru the legal review of the City Attorney's office.

curious 1 said...

The public record should show all of the earnings of every city employee, both retirememt and current pay.

You can look up what they are paid so why doesn't it show if they are retired in place.

Again the City Council should have an audit, wish they would stand up for the citizens who elected them.


The "good ole boys" network is alive and well in Ogden.

Curious 1 said...

What other departments are they double dipping in? Why doesn't the City Council ask their staff that question, inquiring minds want to know how many are retired and getting a full pay check from Ogden?

Actually for years I have been asking for an audit especially now with water rates again going up. IS this the cash cow that the mayor skims off the top for his pleasure.

Bee in my Bonnet said...

Sounds like a job for GRAMA-man!

Anonymous said...

You might want to check into double-dipping in the Weber County Sheriff's office as well. This isn't just an Ogden City thing, as far as I understand it.

News Junkie said...

Interesting double-dipping article in the NY Times:

For Some Phoenix Officials, Retirement Is Just a Pay Supplement

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