Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Standard Examiner Guest Commentary: Lawmaker Regrets Vote on HB477

We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that we'll be hearing similar words of contrition from our own heretofore unrepentant Weber County Legislative Delegation very soon

Top-notch Rep. Kraig Powell guest editorial in this morning's Standard-Examiner. Mea Culpa-wise, soul searching Utah Republican apologies seldom (like never) get any better than this:
You Go, Rep. Powell, we say! High time your tyrannical GOP colleagues got taken to the woodshed by one of their own.

Notable editorial advisory at the foot of Mr. Powell's rant, hopefully opening the door to other GOP legislative confessions:
The Standard-Examiner will gladly print any apologies from Top of Utah legislators who voted in favor of HB477 if they desire.
With a little bit of luck, and some overdue soul searching on their own part, we'll be keeping our fingers crossed that we'll be hearing similar words of contrition from our own heretofore unrepentant Weber County Legislative Delegation, ( i.e., House Representatives Galvez, Wilcox, Froerer, Peterson and Dee... and Senators Christensen, Jenkins and Reid) very soon.

There's at least some remote possibility of that happening... Right?


Danny said...

Like I have said about the ever-verbose but always ineffective Gage Froerer: Talk is cheap.

It's nice that Kraig Powell admits he was conned, and is willing to take the Republican leadership to task publicly. But now we will see if anything changes.

As long as Utah voters go for the (R) reflexively, I don't think we will see much change. Powell can look forward to his corrupt leaders cutting his throat in the near future.

We could have changed things by electing Corroon as governor. Instead, we elected the visibly corrupt Herbert by a landslide, even as he was in the middle of a corruption scandal and the scum was oozing from his every pore.

Even the Standard Examiner, which has now only weeks after the election begun to see the light, endorsed that venal pus bag, as I recall.

You can't cure dumb. Utah voters are just dumb.

Ugh said...

Kudos to Kraig Powell. He obviously wants to keep HIS job. And Froerer (I'm lookin' and you Fro), Reid, Jenkins, Christensen, Peterson, Dee, Galvez, Wilcox??? I guess they don't really like their job?

Betty Board said...

Said it before, say it again:

It is the deep psyche of the Republican Party to be, ultimately, anti-freedom and pro one world dictatorship.

It is the party of fascism.

Democrats, on the other hand, are the party of hot chicks making out and great powder snow.

RudiZink said...

Too Funny. We're getting word now that Leg Dist 6 House Rep. Brad Galvez was born in Meh-he-Co!

Take our word for it! We'll definitely be checking this story out!

Curmudgeon said...


Provided he's an American citizen, t being born in Mexico would not bar him from election to the Utah legislature, I think. Nor should it.

blackrulon said...
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yeah right said...

Well Ugh.......

As much as I wish that we could oust all the buggers you named, we have to face reality and this is still Utah. Even the current political scare tactic of Tparty pressure probably couldn't overcome the overriding influence of the Mormon majority. Great idea but don't hold your breath.

Ugh said...

Dear Yeah Right:

I am not ignorant of your point. Indeed this is Utah, land of the "I-just-vote-(R)-for-religion" voter. So it won't be easy. Thing is, this law offends many who are very conservative. It offends anyone who believes in an open and transparent government. This truly isn't a partisan issue. I see all those protests going on all over the country (Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, even out west in Idaho, even Utah). I see mass buyers-remorse across the nation in states who elected far-right, tea party Republican governors. I see a Republican/Tea Party civil war in Utah. I see trouble ahead for Republicans. Even in Utah. In other words, never say never.

If you are an elected official and you voted in favor of HB477, your job just may be at risk. Even in the Republican dominated desert that is Utah.

shelby said...

Utah is about to get way more Republican, and way more paranoid and insular, with Romney in the mix. Bet on it.

Ugh said...

Oh I am not saying Utah will stop being Republican but the Tea Party people are at odds with the regular Repbublicans. I think that will hamper progress for the Grand OLD Party. Even here.

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