Monday, March 14, 2011

Salt Lake Tribune: House GOP Held Most '11 Deliberations in the Dark

Kickstart to an Open Topic Thread ....If "they" close their meetings, what are "they" hiding?

Submitted by: Ray

Salt Lake Tribune article this am:
Reversing a trend estab­lished over the past several years, Utah House Republicans opted to meet almost ex­clusively in closed-door cau­cuses this year, arguing that meeting out of the public eye gave them a chance for more candid discussion...
Hmm... these guys just don't get it. As the "closed doors" and boondoggles such as HB 477 happen I hope the voting public gets it and votes for real transparency at the poles.

Who will be the next to comment? Well.....?


Keisha said...

Here's another good one from today's Trib, Ray:

The Republic of Utah

I for one can’t wait for Utah schools to start their mandatory teaching of our form of government so we can all learn exactly what it is (Re “Legislature passes bill to teach U.S. is republic,” Tribune, March 9).

How will schools describe a single-party Legislature that crafts laws behind closed doors with no input from the people they claim to represent? How will teachers define a governor who first signs a bill into law, promising a spirited public debate later?

Children, welcome to the People’s Republic of Utah.

Jeff Duncan

Salt Lake City

Ah'm Confused said...

Ah'm Confused. Isn't the Republican party the one that's supposed to be opposed to large, centralized, secret citizen unfriendly government?

Ah'm Confused.

RudiZink said...

On that topic, AC, many of us who for the time being continue to identify ourselves as "Republican" are similarly confused.

Seems like the Utah GOP switched from "suspicious of all gummint" to "holding a big secret party in the House Cloak-room" in record time.

Disgusted with Dee said...

You gotta love our modern day Gadiantons who do their secret works in darkness. Our predominately mormon legislature ought to start reading their BoM more and see what happened when the gov't was run in secret. Utter destruction for those that probably thought the way our legislature thinks (that they know best even if 80% of the population disagrees).

Ray said...

With redistricting coming up based on the 2010 census, I can't wait for that "transparent" process to show itself...

Ray said...

Speaking of being the dark!According to another "honor" for our governor.

SPJ 'honoring' Utah governor for closing records

March 14th, 2011 @ 12:50pm
By Associated Press
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- The national Society of Professional Journalists plans to present Utah Gov. Gary Herbert with a first-ever Black Hole award to highlight a new state law increasing fees for records request and making text messages private.

SPJ Freedom of Information Committee chief David Cuillier says he'll try to present the award to Herbert on Wednesday.

Cuillier says the award is part of Sunshine Week. That's an annual initiative begun in 2002 to promote greater transparency in government.

Herbert signed House Bill 477 last week. It passed the Legislature less than a week after being introduced.

The law restricts access to most electronic communications by government officials and allows state agencies to charge higher costs to answer records requests.

Herbert's office didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Dan S. said...

Wow. Read this:

Powell speaks out on HB477 vote

Ray said...

Wow is right! Finally the bubble begins to burst. Maybe some more legislators will start speaking of the "pressure" exerted on them to vote the "right" way and people will start to think further than looking for an R when deciding whom to vote for. I think this same pressure happened in the developers dream bill which created Powder Mtn Town. In fact those of us who met with Gage Froerer on Capital Hill were told we had to pay to play to be successful. Pretty arrogant bunch..

ozboy said...


Isn't this pretty much what Rep Peterson - Ogden - said about why he voted for HB477?

I admire this Rep Powell for having the integrity to call it like it is. He apparently is the only Republican in the Utah State Legislature who is willing to speak the truth openly about this chicken shit bill.

Curmudgeon said...

Rep. Powell's full explanation of what happened is available here

Much much more detail. Absolutely worth the time to read it.

Curmudgeon said...


To Rep. Pitcher's credit, when he understood that the House leaders had given him false information about the existing GRAMA law [and so false information about the need for HB 477 to be rammed through without time for discussion or constituent feedback], he and 26 others who had voted "aye" on the first version of the bill, voted "nay" on sending the second version of the bill to the Governor for his signature.

Rep. Brad "Free Lunch For Me" Dee and Rep. Gage "Asleep At The Switch" Froerer of course voted "aye" on both versions of the bill, and are still defending their votes to their constituents, claiming there was nothing wrong with HB 477 or the way it was passed. Remember, Speaker of the House Lockhart refused to apologize for the rush job on HB 477 adding "that's the way we do business" in the House.

Biker Babe said...

A little off topic, but it's the same Froerer bunch [and then some] who DON"T want to pay to play this time - cuz "they don' get nuttin' for their dime" when it comes to supporting Ogden Community and Downtown Ogden Inc, which supports such fun for all activities as:

- Farmers Market
- Free Monday Movie Night
- Free Concerts in the Amphitheater
- First Friday Art Stroll
- Pioneer Day Activities (of which Ogden has been the leader for many years now)
- and many more

Check out the Council Meeting Agenda Packet for tomorrow's meeting and check for yourselves all the names protesting having to participate in activities that bring the community together. Begin around page 39 and continues for 20 or so pages.



Wade said...

Off Topic,

Just heard a report that there are more men with chainsaws up on/around Peterson property.

Today they told my friend that they were sawing a "hiking trail" and that they were working for Peterson. They are cutting up from the new water tank and heading straight up towards the face of Malan's Peak.

Will look forward to any more info/insight regarding this. Property lines etc...

Dan S. said...


I just got a phone call about the chainsawing myself. Hadn't heard that it was supposed to be a hiking trail.

Curmudgeon said...

SL Trib now has Rep. Powell's story on why he voted for HB 477 up here.

Monotreme said...

Some background reading on the Utah County miracle known as "Bramhart":

Whilst watching this video, simply substitute "Beck [Lockhart]" for "Mack" throughout:

Paul Bunyon said...

NO! Not "men with chainsaws!" And on Peterson's private property, to boot. Whoda thunk it?

According to many, Peterson's not the sharpest tool in the shed. But I'm not so sure that he's so dull that he'd attempt to develop that idiotic ski resort on the West side of Mt. Ogden. Even Peterson, most likely, understands today's economy and Babe, my Blue Ox, wouldn't even attempt to try and make a go at something as risky as this fool project, even in the best of times.

I wouldn't make any assumptions, or loose any sleep, because someone heard that there are "men with chainsaws" wandering over Peterson's land.

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