Thursday, March 17, 2011

Standard-Examiner: Turn Over the Donors List

Weber County Forum: Don't be such a stubborn little &@#%!

Sound editorial advice for Boss Godfrey as we enter the March 13 to March 19 "Sunshine Week". Here's the SE "long version":
Here's our "shortened" WCF version:

Godfrey! Don't be such a stubborn little &@#%!


OneWhoKnows said...

I want to know if I'm on it?

ozboy said...


It don't make no never mind if you be on the list or not. I will still be number one on the list with the biggest pledge of $1. I seriously doubt if any one in Ogden will show as much faith as I have in this fabulous idear. So I challenge all you big talkers out there, get on the "G" Train and beat my buck pledge!

Curmudgeon said...


OK, I love a challenge. I will match your donation when Hizzonah can show commitments, in writing, from private investors to cover the remaining construction costs [which will include land acquisition costs and costs of building any adjacent parking garages deemed necessary to the successful and profitable operation of the facility] first.

After all, I don't want to tie up my funds on a wholly speculative venture by committing them too early.

Monotreme said...

Maybe Tim DeChristopher can contact Godfrey and agree to bid $1.2M in return for a look at the list.

Arin Hatch said...

I'm sure Blackrulon can supply us with the Donor List of Names. He KNOWS things others don't, like the SE owners telling their editorial board what position to take. He's privy to many secrets and confidentialities. He knows, so just ask him.

Once this List is in hand, it can be "released" to the public for scrutiny and then those on the list could be shunned by their neighbors and Ward members until they go through a period of attitude readjustment. But until such time when they complete their education, they should not be allowed to use the trail system, public parks, Mt. Ogden Golf Course, or go to the rodeo.

That'll teach 'em to make any further attempts at contributing dollars to either Godfrey's developmental projects or his various political machines like Empower Utah or the real estate PAC. We just can't have people like these running around loose or unshackled.

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