Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Mayor Promises to Veto Discrimination Ordinances

Looks like almost a full year of council effort stands to be wasted, just as Godfrey suggests

Not to be overlooked amidst the continuing furor surrounding HB477 is this morning's story from the Standard-Examiner, reporting that"[b]y a 4-3 [non-veto proof] vote, the city council adopted ordinances Tuesday night prohibiting housing and employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity":
To no one's surprise, Boss Godfrey eagerly stands by, veto pen in hand. Of course he never favored this ordinance in the first place, with or without the two "amendments" which the council majority rejected last night.

Looks like almost a full year of council effort stands to be wasted, just as Godfrey suggests, unless the constituents of Godfrey sockpuppets Garner, Stephens and Stephenson can somehow persuade these recalcitrant council members to have a sudden change of "heart."


Curmudgeon said...

Ah, Matt Godfrey and his sliding ethical conduct standards. Recall when he was trying to cut funding for the Marshall White center, insisting that grants applied for would absolutely pick up the slack? And when he vetoed the Council's continued funding for the Center? And then the Council over-rode his veto? Remember what he did then? He announced he was going to ignore the Council's over-riding his veto and do what he pleased anyway [insert image of petulant child told "no" stamping feet and throwing tantrum here.

Fortunately for him, the Council's continued funding bailed Hizzonah out when the grants he was "confident" would be forthcoming weren't. His "confidence" in them proved about as valuable as his repeatedly-stated "confidence" that Gadi Lesham would fulfill his responsibilities as the primary developer of the River Project in timely fashion. The part of downtown between the Junction and the Ogden River's eight year reign as the Vacant Lot Capital of Utah continues as a result of Godfrey's mis-placed "confidence.}

Evidently Hizzonah's take on the Council is any time they spend on matters he doesn't want them spending time on is wasted time. And yet, after years of his treating the Council -- even those on it who rarely oppose him on anything --- with sneering contempt, the members still more often than not tug their forelocks in humble submission to whatever obsession or bad idea he's peddling at the moment [flatland gondolas, public funded year round outdoor ice climbing towers, downtown public campgrounds etc. etc. etc.]

The Council should over-ride the Mayor's veto. I hope either Mr. Stephens or or Mr. Garner --- both would be better --- can be prevailed upon to agree that while they may prefer an amended ordinance, the unamended ordinance will be better for the city than no ordinance at all.

Or they can take a lesson from the Utah State Legislature: pass the ordinance and promise to fix anything that might need fixing next year.

DSA said...

"God hates the sin that faggots commit."
~Mayor Matthiew Godfrey, overheard edifying his children at the dinner table, 2010

"They disgust me, personally" ~Mayor Matthiew Godfrey talking to John Patterson, overheard by Cristy Shaw, Mayoral Executive Assistant, 2007.

OgdenLover said...

Well Godfrey disgusts me personally. Can we have an ordinance saying it's OK to discriminate against him? Pretty please?

Archie Blier said...

To highlight the bias of the Standard Examiner, note that in the article about the 4-3 vote to pass the measure, the Std-Ex NEVER mentioned the 4 names of the Council members that voted FOR the measure, but they only listed the three members that voted AGAINST the measure. That my friends, is called managing the news content.

Left of center said...

I'm so glad to have left Ogden for a Green Progressive state. We can file State Income Taxes as a couple if we chose. Still legally married in CA and RDP (Registered Domestic Partners) here.

What type of tolerance and acceptane do they teach kids in Utah that when they go to the real world they can adjust.

Any politician that slams any group, GLBT, Hispanic, Black, Oriental deserves to be voted out of office.

So we have taken our incomes and spend like no tomorrow, but not a penny goes back to Utah. Raised our daughter and she is a great mother and employed also out of state. Together for 24 years BTW.

Ruth C. said...

Left of Center: keep your sodomy in Sodom; we can do with out your filth here in Zion.

Curmudgeon said...

Ruth C:

Take your intolerance elsewhere. We can do without the filth of your bigotry here in Utah.

Left of Center said...

Thanks Curm again it isn't about sex it is about who you love. Why are LDS so wrapped up in sex and alcohol. Let God judge me not you Ruth C.
I hope one of your relatives will be gay and enlighten you a bit.

AWM said...

Left of Center..."Asian" is the new "Oriental"


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