Friday, March 04, 2011

Utah Attorney General's Office: "We're Cutting the Godfrey Machine Another "Get Outta Jail Pass."

Two breaking afternoon stories from the Northern Utah media, just when we believed the stench of Utah politics couldn't get any worse

In the wake of this morning's HB477 story, and just when we didn't believe the stench of Utah politics could get any worse, we stumble upon these two breaking afternoon stories from Salt Lake Weekly, and the Standard-Examiner, respectively:
Let's all face the facts, Gentle Readers. The Utah Attorney General's Office isn't an official prosecutorial body, but is rather an unofficial servant of the forces of political crime and corruption in our state. In spite of the overwhelming and damning evidence of Envision Ogden high crimes and misdemeanors, the Utah A.G.'s office has inexplicably (but predictably) cut the Godfrey political machine another "get outta jail pass."

The floor's now open for any WCF readers who'd like to blow off a little steam.


JamesB said...

The Profit has spoken, so the thinkin's been done. The spirit of contention must be kept out of Zion. After all, he does pay his tithing.

NOT GUILTY? said...

All in a days work.....Blain Johnson and the rest are off the hook without so much as a slap on the wrist and HB 477 passes to insure future "alleged illegal campaign funds" are not quite so easy to discover. Equal and fairness of the laws? Hardly....It's a sad and pathetic day in Ogden when this much evidence of possible corruption is swept under the carpet.

ozboy said...

Can any of you legal eagles out there tell be why this Envision Ogden scandal cannot be investigated and prosecuted at the federal level? After all, committing crimes against the whole election process seems to go right to heart of our democratic republic here in the USofA. So why is it that the FBI is not investigating these crimes against the nation's election process?

federalist said...

Ozboy, no federal laws were involved. Local election covered by state law. There are limits to what the Fed govt can prosecute.

Dan S. said...

Ozboy and Federalist,

It's not so much that no federal laws were involved, as that the total amount of money involved was less than six figures and therefore the feds didn't consider it worth their time.

When the AG first asked the State Bureau of Investigation to look into this in May 2009, the SBI immediately contacted the feds to ask if they were interested. The answer was no.

The SBI also immediately notified the IRS. EO clearly broke IRS rules by being more than a year late in filing its 527 registration and many months late in filing its disclosure statements. Through this delay it was able to hide its 527 status from contributors and from the public until months after the election was over. Unfortunately, federal privacy laws prohibit the IRS from telling anyone whether it has opened an investigation.

F. Lee Bailey said...

Laws, laws, laws. Professor Schroeder certainly does like the law and again, here he goes interpreting and explaining, through the use of law, why the Envision Ogden investigation was shut down. Even though Curmudgeon would have a differing opinion, Dan S. should really stick to the Sierra Club and his finer points of assembling a budget or P&L. This layman attorney thing seems to be beyond him, although he does SOUND impressive.

But ain't it all "sour grapes?"

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