Monday, March 09, 2009

Duelling Editorials: 2009 Utah Ethics Reform Update

Three differing takes on ethics reform bills prospectively emerging from the 2009 Utah legislative session

There are two notable northern Utah print media editorials this morning, addressing the subject ethics reform legislation which may prospectively become ready for the Governor's signature, before the legislature winds up its 2009 session at the end of the week.

The Deseret News is optimistic, and views the legislature's efforts with a "glass is half full" approach:
Sometimes, the length of the stride isn't quite as important as the direction of the stride. There are ways in which every ethics bill the Utah Legislature has passed, or soon will pass, this year could be stronger, tougher and more airtight. But it sure is nice to see ethics bills of any sort make it to the governor's desk for his signature.
For the Salt Lake Tribune, "the glass is half empty," or worse:
When you study the stat sheet for ethics reform, it looks like another losing season for Utah lawmakers. If Jerry Sloan were in charge, legislative leaders would be riding the pine.
Late last month, one of Weber County Forum's long time regulars offered a prediction about the prospect for "meaningful" ethics legislation emerging from this 2009 legislative session:
There ainta gonna be any meaningful "ethics" legislation come out of this, or any other session of the Utah Legislature.
They are already an ethically "perfect" body and they don't need no fixin. If you don't believe me ask them.
So what about it WCF readers? Assuming that the bulk of remedial ethics reform bills mentioned in the above two articles become part of the body of Utah law, is there room for optimism, as the Deseret News suggests? Was the Salt Lake Tribune correct that this year's legislative work product is no cause to break out the bubbly at all? Was the ever-skeptical Ozboy on the money in his prognostication that whatever would emerge from this year's legislative session would be essentially meaningless?

The global blogosphere eagerly awaits our gentle readers' comments.


Squirt said...

Ethic reforms should include the local County Commissioners as well as any legislative people. The recent revelations from the HB 23 bill is enough to raise concerns about the nonfeasance of our Weber County Government.

It turns out that these Weber County people were not including the collected revenue from collected delinquent taxes over the years. The impact of this is it was not used to calculate the Certified Tax rate and all taxpayers paid more taxes as a result. The County officials used this "slush fund" money for their little pet projects and let the taxpayers pay the tab. HB23 will force them to account for that money. It is to the shame of these elected officials that they did not do this on their own until it was exposed by Rep. Hunsaker's bill.

it's all bullshit said...

Mormonism Debunked

These are the Utards still contolling The Taliban State of Utah.

Wake up!

Don't be mindless suckers!

Jack said...

Thanks for the link,IAB!

Loved the Southpark video!

thats a good one said...

Republicans for ethics. lol ha ha ha haa!!! Really hahaha ha ha ha ha lmao!!!!

really said...

Republican Rush Limbaugh is the new leader of the republican party!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..

and I thought George Bush was a funny guy.. ha ha ha ha hahhaaha

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