Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nagging UTA Open House Reminder # 152

One last chance to submit your streetcar corridor preferences

Once again we'll provide a brief reminder of this morning's UTA open house, scheduled for the below indicated time and place:

March 26, 2009 - 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. - WSU Student Union Building

For those readers who were unable to attend Tuesday evening's event, today's "meet-up" affords the opportunity to play a little "catch-up."

For our readers' convenience we also link gentle reader Historically Inaccurate's earlier comment, which provides ample ammo to counter any argument that 25th Street's historical designation rules out 25th/26th as viable east-west routes.

We''ll follow the same process re today's event as we did with respect to the one on Tuesday, and invite any readers who'd like to offer their comments about today's event, to do so in the thread beneath this article.


OgdenLover said...

I talked to most of the UTA people there, pushing the idea of a 24th-26th st crosstown corridor. Everyone I spoke with seemed in agreement with me, although of course they could just have been being "nice" and avoiding confrontation.

I did tell one UTA-man that we have a mayor who is pushing the 30-36th street corridors because he still has a dream of a 23rd street gondola. He looked pretty shocked - as though he had unexpectedly found himself talking with a crazy woman.

Monotreme said...

I was there.

There was strong support for the 26th Street corridor (which, as was pointed out to me, means the 23rd to 26th Street corridor, with the exact street to be determined).

There was less support for the 30th Street corridor. There was virtually no support for the 36th Street corridor.

I heard no one advocating for buses or BRT. I heard a lot of people excited about streetcars.

The consultants seemed to think that it is UDOT that is balking at the Harrison Blvd corridor. Any alignment other than 36th would use up a significant amount of Harrison, however, and I for one am in favor of reducing traffic on Harrison.

In fact, there is strong evidence (for example, here, here, and Wikipedia entry here, with further citations) that blocking Harrison would actually improve north-south traffic flow in Ogden.

dan s. said...

For those who weren't able to attend the UTA open house meetings, here is their web page with the official notice and a link to the information packet. You can submit written comments any time before April 30, but I would strongly suggest getting them in by around April 10.

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