Friday, March 06, 2009

Std-Ex; Weber County RAMP Funds Project List

2009 RAMP Recreation and Park recommendations, presented for our readers' examination, critique and comments

By Curmudgeon

Just to get the conversation started this slow news Friday morning, the Standard-Examiner has printed a list of recent Weber County projects approved for RAMP tax funding:
RAMP funds list
While I might quibble with this or that decision, it seems overall a well-chosen list, given the purpose for which voters approved the RAMP tax in the first place.

So what say our gentle readers about this?


RudiZink said...

Good catch, Curm. Definitely worth a look.

There's a comment under the SE article mentioning the need for Marshall White Center improvements. Of course Godfrey missed the 2009 boat.

Something for the council to think about as the RAMP committee puts together its 2010 list.

AmyW said...

There was discussion from the Council and wide support to secure funding for improvements for the Marshall White Center through RAMP.

We were assured by administration that the Marshall White Foundation was an eligible established non-profit organization and would submit an application for funding on behalf of the Center.

I have requested information to find out if the request for funding was in fact submitted.

More to come.

just a thought said...

Amy, maybe Envision Ogden can help out.

danny said...

(To: Just a Thought, Envision Ogden is a political action committee, not a non-profit.)

Main Comment:

The RAMP list makes me think, reluctantly, about the ice tower.

1. Lowe proposes, perhaps disingenuously, to erect the thing for less than $100K in Big D park.

2. They get RAMP funding for $100K, then another $100K, to put it downtown, all on assurance from Godfrey he had millions in waiting donations.

3. Godfrey spends $67K city money "imagining" the ice tower.


So what was the point of it all, other than to show how Godfrey is incompetent and cannot be trusted?

Gondola angst, Midtown Properties fiasco, River District sham - all were phony, costly exercises with massive pain and no possible upside.

Godfrey's "vision" is only an invitation to pain and long term failure.

dan s. said...


I have a pending GRAMA request for documentation of the mysterious $63k ice tower contribution that was supposedly received on January 15. Stay tuned. Could get interesting.

Bill C. said...

It was rumored that the suspicious check recieved has something to do with Parking.

summers eve said...

Bill, would the parking have anything to do with the free parking lot Marketstar recieved from Lying Cheatin Little Matty Godfrey?

Bill C. said...

Summers eve, That sounds kinda familiar.

danny said...

Dan S.

Your guns never sleep. And your aim is excellent.

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