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Rep. Gage Froerer's HB 201"Powderville Citizens' Freedom Bill" is Headed For a Quick Vote on The Senate Floor

Contact your State Senators NOW... and demand that they draw the line against "'Powderville' taxation without representation"

We got this email missive today from Legislative District 8 House Representative Gage Froerer, to our mind one of the most single-minded, astute, and constituent-serving legislators on the hill:
I was able to pass HB 201, Municipal Disincorporation ----out of the House today with a vote of 52-17 and it will now be transferred to the Senate for consideration. This bill modifies a provision relating to the disincorporation of a municipality. It would allow the residents of the impacted incorporation the ability to ask a judge for disincorporation without having to wait 2 years as currently is required by law. It would greatly benefit the residents of Powder Mountain by permitting them to ask the judge to hear a petition for disincorporation immediately following incorporation. This bill will have major impact for the citizens of Ogden Valley and the State that are impacted by the bill passed last year that allows town incorporations.
I ask for your support and assistance with this bill. It will be heard on the Senate floor next week. Please email or otherwise contact Senators urging them to vote in favor of HB 201. Thank you for your help and efforts with this bill. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
I want to Thank everyone in Weber County Legislative District 8 who have given me their full support on this important issue.

Representative Gage Froerer
Here is a link to Senate Roster containing Senate contact information:
Senate roster contact links
Whether your're Republican, Democratic, Socialist, Libertarian, Full-Blown Commie or Anarchist, we assume everyone with any belief and/or respect for the concept of American liberty will support Froerer's bill, which would at least support the will of inhabitants of "Powderville, Utah," and allow them to decide for themselves whether they should be drawn into a bogus town... "drawn up" without their own vote, by a handful of their greedy and wealthy developer-landowner neighbors.

Please contact your Senate Representatives RIGHT NOW, and urge that they join in the passage of Rep. Froerer's HB 201.

Remember people... the political disenfranchisement that's happening right now in "Powderville," isn't something that's supposed to happen in America.

As we've said before, Froerer's bill would allow Utah legislators to clear their consciences somewhat, and to "make amends" for their gross and cowardly blunder last year, when the Utah legislature, in a most craven way, failed and refused to clean up the mess that they negligently created in the first place.

Write or otherwise contact your State Senators, people."Splain" to them that they have UNFINISHED BUSINESS, like restoring democratic representation to the currently disenfranchised people of "Powderville." Here's the Senate contact link again:
Senate roster contact links
We've taken the trouble of linking it twice because this issue is so danged important.

Remember that old battle-cry of the U.S. founders about "taxation without representation?"

That's what this is really all about here, innit?


Machster said...

HB 201 will pass no matter because it is a clean up bill to correct obvious unconstitutional prior legislation. The legislators are embarrassed over it and do not want Powderville residents and friends to draw more attention to the corruption, by a challenge in the Utah Supreme Court, which enabled the developer/realtor friendly bill to pass in the first place. They got caught with their pants down. Froerer is still doing their bidding and carrying the URA's water. Check out his other Realtor bills and see the vote on SB 153, "Measure to help real-estate developers approved"
Subdivisions » School districts would be cut out of decisions about land use. Heralded in today SL Tribune.

Rudi, Your comment "to our mind one of the most single-minded, astute, and constituent-serving legislators on the hill" leaves me breathless. And wondering if you or anyone is really paying attention, other than Oz, Bill C., Curm and Dan of course.

Get a grip Rudi! I think you are wrong about our representation. But then we each have our own opinions. We rely on this blog to ultimately get out the truth where the print media fails us. This should be a mission statement of the Weber County Forum. It has served us well so far. Keep shooting straight with us, please!


Machster said...

Correction, I meant SB 153 not HB.

RudiZink said...

With all due respect, Machster...

I believe I do HAVE a grip.

If you don't like Froerer, run against him in the next election, which happens in 2010.

For now, why not pick up the cudgel and do your part for the only nan in the legislature who's actually looking after Ogden Valley interests?

If HB 201 is a fait accompli, by the way, that's just fine with me, BTW.

Unfortunately Rep. Froerer doesn't share your optimism.

In that context, we once again urge our reders to contact their state senators about this.

Once again, Machster... Rep Froerer seems to be the only man or woman in the legislature devoting his attention to this.

Bill C. said...

Well Rudi, being the good anarchist I've always been accused of being, I e-mailed Christensen and I also reiterated my disdain for weakening the Grama statutes.
Please remind all to include mention of that important legislation as well. I'm not sure where the bill is, but it's not appeared on the news since it went to the Senate.

Machster said...

It will pass just as assurdly his other Ogden Valley bill to grant the 45 residential tax exemption to large property owners failed. And there is his disaster on the increased penalty for delinquent taxpayers.

As for "he doesn't apparently share my optimism" The House vote for SB 201 was fifty-two (52) FOR, and only seventeen (17) against, with six (6) absent by the way.

It will pass for the reasons I have stated. This crap from our "representative" is just more political grandstanding, same as last year.

And I don't like what our current representative is doing because of who put him in office (the URA...not you) and why he is there, thus not actually representing anyone but the URA and his own business interests. If you can't see that well..."None are so blind as those who WILL not see.." Face it my friend your selection was a disasterous choice back when...and we suffer to this day. The little weasel has not and will not ever get any legislation through unless his Realtor Developer puppet masters write it and muster the votes for it for their own purposes...which do not generally align with private property interests and thus the majority of his constituents.

Do you support legislation to enable developers to go directly to County Commissioners without having to go to Planning Commissions? Hope not. He does. And much more.

You plan to remain here, why don't YOU run against him? Otherwise. since my family decided to leave Utah, I would have been glad to accomodate what you suggest. Even filed as you know.

If Froerer EVER has a Bill which actually does support the public I am, have and will continue be the first to "pick up the cudgel" as you phrase it. But then you already know that. I just consider his tactics despicable and beneath reasonable standards of decency. And having lived here for 30 years to care very much for those who will have to endure his (and their) continued assualts on private property rights.

Informed Powderville citizen said...

Don't be so sure this will be a cake walk. The developers have the ULCT (Utah League of Cities and Towns), as well as Greg Curtis (remember him, the former speaker of the house?) and other big guns lobbying against it. The ULCT was responsible for the 2007 bill that allowed this mess to happen, and are trying to sell their position to legislators as a "property rights" issue. As you know, "property rights" is a sacred cow in much of the state.

Please take the time to campaign for passage of this bill in the Senate!


An Informed Citizen of Powderville

The Viking said...

In the long term, the incorporation of the Powderville town will be the most destructive event in Ogden Valley for many years. To have a destination resort of that size and magnitude being fed by the the single Powder Mountain road and the rest of the Ogden Valley roads is folly. The project may die of its own weight and size if not stopped before.

Get out there and stand up for your Valley!

danny said...

Admittedly with limited knowledge, HB201 sounds good to me. And if Froerer actually gets it passed as well as the bill to raise interest rates on delinquent taxes I would LUV to eat crow and praise Froerer.

I say, IF . . . .

RudiZink said...

Rep. Froerer can only do so much on his own, Danny. Thankfully, HB 201 has already cleared the House, as a result of his efforts.

It will probably come up in the Senate for a vote on Monday, where Froerer has far less political juice.

It's up to us now I think, for everyone who supports HB 201 to contact our own State Senators.

Remember our Ogden City motto;

"It's all within reach!"

(Sorry. Couldn't help myself. heheheh)

monotreme said...

If it's all the same to you, Rudi, I don't think I'll be contacting my state senator.

I suspect that my opinions, if he took time to register them, would make him more likely to vote against me than with the position I advocate.

He hasn't been particularly responsive to my concerns in the past. Perhaps that's because he's tied up doing other things.

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