Saturday, March 28, 2009

YouTube Video: A REAL Leader

Please, may we in America borrow Daniel Hannon for just a bit?

By Danny

Some say that Ron Paul is what we need. But the man has zero charisma.

Some say that Republicans are what we need. But they have zero brass, zero courage for what they claim to believe in.

To see what we need, watch this video of a man who is right, has the courage to say it, and the talent to do it well.

A Real Leader:

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Anonymous said...

Here is a up and coming political party we affiliate with from time to time:

And here is a bit more as regards this idea, and idea whose time has come:

We fully on dig this town, dood.

DEL said...

Fabulous find-

Danny, I hope one day our paths shall cross.

Your comments always intrigue me because they are not the ordinary drivel.

democrat said...

The republicans just need to go home. They've drove this country into Mexico.

I'm glad we finially got some talent and Christlike talent in there running our country. That believes in accountability and digniety and more important brotherly love.

Rafiki said...

Not Shown - shortly after finishing his speach Mr. Daniel Hannan was found beat up and bloody in a near by ally way.

Anonymous said...

Usually persons so inclined to this sort of behavior just become the victim of an unfortunate accident.

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