Friday, March 27, 2009

Envision Ogden 2007 Municipal Election Corruption Update

Two Godfreyite 2007 city council candidates admit receiving laundered campaign contributions

If this isn't blockbuster Emerald City news, NOTHING is.

We received this press release from Weber County Forum contributor Dan Schroeder yesterday:
Dan's press release also included a link to a series of other documents, which we'll post here under its original title (scroll down):
City Correspondence Packet
The significance of the material in yesterday's press release, it seems to us, is that it moves the allegations made in Dan's two previous articles (read the previous articles here and here) from the realm of speculation and tedious evidentiary proof, to a circumstance where both 2007 council candidates Eccles and Johnson admit that some $20,000 of campaign contributions were funnelled from Envision Ogden, who staged a public property situated fundraiser on June 15, 2007, circuitously through a "straw man" donor (Friends of Northern Utah Real Estate), into their own 2007 council campaigns.

The significance of Dan's City Correspondence Packet, for the most part as we see it, is to illustrate the lengths that Godfrey's people will go to to shield these Godfreyite candidates from the legal consequences of their own apparent money laundering scheme.

Aside from these above editorial comments, we're publishing all this data in raw form.

We'll leave it to our gentle readers to decide the true meaning of these latest revelations.

Don't let the cat get your tongues.


anonymous employee said...

If your a FOM an apology or an amendment fixes everything.

danny said...

It seems that Dan S. is going back to the same dry well - expecting the completely, demonstrably corrupt Godfrey administration to follow up on a charge of lawbreaking by one of it's own club members.

Dan needs either to find a way to get some other venue to pursue this, or give up. Since it's a city ordinance, that other venue would be the city council, assuming they care that known Godfrey bootlick Blaine Johnson is a liar. Other than that, perhaps the State Bar - an organization that is almost synonymous with immorality. No good choices here, when the public elect a known crook as mayor (by an admittedly slim margin, and one that itself was probably fraudulent.)

Also, note the SE will never cover it. And let me say that the sooner that rag goes the way of all other crappy newspapers, the better. SLTrib scoops them half the time and the WCF does the other half. Cripes, it took them a week to re-write Dan's scoop on the golf course! They are a lazy, corrupt, insular, useless organization that distributes propaganda for the local realty cartels. The fact that they let slip a ray of light like C. Feeny's commentary once in awhile is no redemption. Please, SE, go. You don't deserve to exist. Something will take your place when you've gone.

Curious 1 said...

Ethics in Ogden, time to bring in the feds. Money laundying is a federal crime I believe. Lets see what the Utah AG might say with the city attorneys opinion.

More money spent on their campaigns and they barely squeaked by in votes, both Godfrey and Johnson.

I hope the SL Trib picks this story up. It isn't a moot point for Ogden citizens.

Butch Cassidy said...

Interesting legal theory that City Attorney Gary Wilson advocates.

If I rob a bank, and the cops start closing in, can I then exonnerate myself and "cure" the problem, simply by giving back the loot?

Its true, just ask the admin. said...

How can you tell that the gang on the 9th floor is lying? Just read their lips.

Take notice said...

OK. I know that every thing in Ogden is so corrupt. That if you get caught and you go to trial then you get the prosecuting attorney to pay the fine. Right Mister Geiger!!!

RJ Svengali said...

We can only wonder which fine, upstanding, incorruptible-yet-tough enough for a railroad town, well healed, well known, and attractive - well, you get the picture - which Ogden citizens will be running for mayor during the next election cycle?

Any takers?

We are writing in our own fine choice, previous mayoral candidate: D. S. Andersen.

Cause he REALLY loves this town.

ozboy said...


How about you? Ya got my vote!

Another good choice would be David Smith who I thought gave the best answers during the selection process that ended up choosing Van Hooser for Glassman's vacated seat on the Council.

Hopefully whoever runs will have intelligence, class and honesty - three things that are sadly missing with the current occupant.

Candy said...

Oz boy.
Who ever runs I hope that you will help them better than you helped Susie.

ozboy said...


I didn't help Susie so your hope won't be hard to fulfill. After offering my help and becoming aware of her game plan and advisers, I didn't think she had a chance. As the old saying goes - she was taking a knife to a gun fight. Too bad as I think she certainly would have done a better job than the Lil Lord and she is a person of integrity which is sorely missing in that office.

the lovely jennifer said...

ok - now I'm nervous. I made an appointment for a job interview at Smith Knowles for Monday morning.


summers eve said...

Dont worry about your interview. Take a fresh pork butt roast with you, when you leave you will have a "cured" one, instant ham.

OgdenLover said...

A 452 vote difference was pretty close considering.

Instead of giving up ahead of time, why not consider working for whoever runs against Godfrey next time. There were so few of us that one more might have made the difference.

You could even start "small" and work for whoever runs against the Godfrey candidates in the next CC election.

Monotreme said...

All the property fences in town must be pretty happy now.

Apparently, according to the city attorney, as long as you hold onto the goods for a few seconds, they're yours; now you can take them down to the local pawn shop and sell them legally.

And, if you do get caught receiving stolen property, you can simply write a letter within two days of the cops finding out, and it will clear the whole thing out.

I have a washer and a dryer. I'm going into the money laundering business, which is apparently not illegal in Ogden City.

danny said...

This discussion is fine, but ultimately you have to follow the methods of the corrupt in at least one regard - you have to do something that can WORK (but do it honestly of course.)

That's what's been so funny about Godfrey lately. Not only is he still corrupt, but he is so incompetent he can't even make it work anymore.

Maybe too many people are on to him.

As far as VanHooser, I know a lot of people wrote her off early. I think she showed them that she had more going for her than many thought. If she runs for city council, let's not have so many abandon her this time (although she should be a shoo-in anyway.)

Same for any other non-godfreyite candidates who may run. Even a mushy Doug Stephens is far superior to a reflexive godfreyite, corrupt Blaine Johnson. One can work with the former, but with the latter you are guaranteed to be screwed.

just give the string a tug said...

A couple of items have come to mind while digging through Dan's expert sleuthing.

Didnt the SE have several ads for the giant Sneak Peek event? I havent seen any expenditures on the Envision Ogden forms for money spent, nor contributions to the organization.

4026 North 4100 West
Morgan, UT 84050 for Envision Ogden from Jeremy Petersons finance statement is a bogus address. Envision Ogden uses a P.O. box 1571 in Ogden as an address, so why does Peterson use a phony Morgan address?

I have seen that address on an other report, bu I can't seem to find it right now,before looking at Jeremy Petersons campaign forms.

I am wondering what the conection is?

RudiZink said...

Fantastic post, Danny.

I've yanked it from the comments section and set it to automatically post on the main page at 12:30 p.m.

dan s. said...


The Envision Ogden IRS disclosure statement lists a payment of $1260 to Downtown Ogden Inc for "Salomon center opening newspaper advertisements". The involvement of Downtown Ogden Inc is, of course, intriguing.

The phone book lists a Jeff Lucas at 4050 W 4000 N in Peterson, right around the corner from the address used on the form.

just give the string a tug said said...

Thanks Dan

Gomer said...

Surprise, surprise, surprise!!! If Godfrey's pack had just responded to Dorothy's complaint instead of shrugging it off and forcing her to take them to court and then turning the facts around, and owning the judge, we may have found that Godfrey's disclosures would have been similar. But alas we sill now never know and a upstanding citizen has been besmirched. Dirty little politics.

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